Saturday, February 04, 2012

Cheap alternative to MAC palettes!

I had to share this. Maybe I am late to the game and everyone knew this already but me.
A couple years ago I invested in 2 large MAC empty palettes and depotted all the shadows and put them in a palette. (bottom right is the stages of depotting. There are thousands of videos on youtube on how to do it) I then brought back all the emptys for new product. Back to MAC takes 6 empty containers for a new one. Awesome program. But since that inital time I haven't got anymore. Paletters are better in my mind because they
1. Take up MUCH less space
2. They put all the product together which makes it easier to see WHAT you have.
3. Allow you to easily mix and match without pulling out 10 little pots.
The small palettes are $7 but are perfect for travel or grouping shadows. I want a "highlight colors one".
Last night I was at Target and I saw the above white E.L.F palette for $1. Dave actually is the one who depotted my MAC collection so I asked him did he think it would all fit? He agreed it looked perfect and it also had something MAC does not.... A giant mirror! I said for $1 I will chance it.
As you can see above it is PERFECT! My entire MAC collection in E.L.F palettes would of cost $9 instead of $37! (I did get the MAC palettes at the annual sale but it was still much more than $9)
If you use MAC shadows and have wanted to depot I highly suggest checking out the E.L.F palettes. I am going back to see if they have blush ones!
Did you already know about this? Then why didn't you tell me! :P


david said...

Looking at the MAC and ELF side by side, if they were both the same color you would have a hard time knowing which is which.

Lab geek said...

Squeeee!!! I am just back from my optometrist who just told me that there was nothing wrong with my eye but my contact was screwed up. So I will soon be able to wear eye make-up again. I can't see anything without my glasses. So as a treat, I just ordered my first mac eyeshadow (somptuous olive) because I saw your e.l.f palette dupe review. I only ordered the refill. I don't like having onesie eyeshadow. They take too much room in my tiny shelf. Now I have to pick out 3 more... I also ordered one of their new fluidline.

Lab geek said...

Oh yeah, I meant to say thank you for posting the review :)

Katie Mann said...

Go to the ELF website. They have all the pallettes. Shipping is $6.95, but if you sign up for the emails, they have sales all the time with free shipping with a minimum purchase, and the minimum purchase is usually $13.50.

byhillary said...

I went to their site and I only see the one kind of empty palette that you can fill do you know of others ? I'm not interested in their makeup filled ones just empty palettes for my MAC stuff.