Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What we did this weekend

This weekend was nice. We got out and went to Salem and actually went to the Peabody Essex museum and saw more than just the bathroom. I know all the good public restrooms all over the state. :) They have a room of nautical themed art and they had a fun little mystery. There is an unsigned painting and professionals are in two different camps over who the artist is. They have you guess who you think it is. Then you can lift a little door and see what the professionals are mostly leaning towards. (I think they said it was on Antiques Roadshow too) This is the painting in question. (click to enlarge for details) 

And here are the two paintings each from two artists they debated over. Can you tell which one they decided on? Dave and I guessed. I was right. He wasn't. We then showed the photos to his parents. His mom was right, his dad was not. His mom and I both guessed for the exact same reason. Who do you think it was and why?

We then walked around the town and stopped in a coffee shop. Dave got a smoothie and I got a crepe and we split a delicious iced coffee. (Hey I need to get in my gluten when the getting is good!)

The top crepes are from brunch on Sunday. Dave and I go out to breakfast once every 2 or 3 years. There is virtually no GF breakfast to be had here. Only eggs and he is actually allergic. He got soup and I got a ham and cheese crepe. It was good but it wasn't anything like my coffee shop crepe from Salem.

It will probably be 2 years before we do brunch again. His was less than stellar and I felt bad. He looked cute while waiting though!

My two favorite things at the museum was this tiny carving that was a few hundred years old. It is a monkey hugging an octopus. So up my alley!

and on this equally as old carving of an elephant tusk had a tiny little lady on a balcony with Princess Leia buns!

On Sunday I used my 6 month old Groupon that was a gift for a massage. (it was technically expired but they were so booked up!) 

We also met my inlaws for dinner on Saturday at our favorite dive. Woodman's in Essex for gluten free fried clams. It is an hour away from either of us. A friend of the family thought it was hilarious we all drive an hour for a $6 meal. Dude if you ever had it you would too! (if you ever go the kids meal is more than enough food for an adult) We ate out 3 times in 2 days which is so unlike us. We usually cook the vast majority of our meals. But sticking to the crepes I didn't feel awful. I usually hate eating our more than once in a weekend. I always feel so iccccck afterwards. That and I am so fussy and prefer our own custom meals. 

OH OH so I am plan on writing up a huge post about the wonders of your local library but in meantime. We got the passes for the museum by checking out a pass at our local library. It took $15 off a person. We got in for a total of $10 instead of $30! 
(I am testing another blog app from the ipad so again if you see a wonky weirdness please let me know. Fixing my laptop is on the long list of To Dos)

What did you do this weekend? What did you eat?


LR @ Magnificent or Egregious said...

Sounds like an interesting museum. Hubs' cousin used to live in Salem, so we are very interested to visit New England one day after hearing her stories.

Looking forward to your library post, I LOVE my local library and they are getting very good at getting new books in all the time. I usually have about 5 or 6 on the go at one time. They get in good DVDs too.

Jess said...

This weekend was a pretty chill one for us...I did a bunch of work to prep for a client meeting while watching a lot of Hulu Plus. :-) I read a couple of books toward my Goodreads challenge. I celebrated a friend's birthday and was subjected to the worst cover band ever (I yelled OH HELL NO when they started murdering Rolling in the Deep by Adele) but stuck it out till the end so I could be her designated driver. I can't wait until this weekend when we start celebrating my birthday (Tuesday) and i can relax after this client meeting is over.

Lorena said...

I keep looking at the painting and guess that its the one with the troubled sky and the wavy ocean :)
I did not do much this weekend. I just ate. A LOT.

Lonestarcasie said...

On Saturday,I co-hosted a baby shower for my best friend. We crafted felt fascinators and ate pie. It was fun. Then that morphed into a combined family dinner of pizza.
On Sunday we had church and then we went to Home Depot to pick out some flooring. I have really bad allergies and we have dogs which is not a good combo with the inherited carpet we have in our house. Can't wait to get the carpet out. We had stir fry for dinner but I kind of burnt it a little while I was helping my daughter with an art project. Meh...


byhillary said...

New England is a magical place and totally worth the trip! Plus if you don't like one state you have 6 to choose from. (it is also easy and quick to get from one to the next.

byhillary said...

oh man do I feel ya. I am a sneeze fest when I visit people with carpeting!