Monday, January 09, 2012

What to wear to the party part deux

I listened to all you had to say (regarding dressing for Dave's work party) and I went through my accessories and grabbed black, silver and red things. I have lots of various silver accessories at various fanciness levels. Again here is the dress. 

Starting from the top. (everything is clickable to enlarge.)




Large rings. 

Random things. Sparkle watch, flower barrettes, pin and a random bow. 



Kinda fun fact. Every single item here I have bought on sale EXCEPT the things from H&M which were all under $5. I used to use to sell my blog about not having to spend a lot to be fancy. I should find it because I don't even remember the wording. There are few things in life I will ever pay full retail on. Danskos. 

Can you tell it has been multiple years since I actually went to an event I had to dress for? Thank you for humoring me! 

I had a little helper while I was doing all this.


Megan Mae said...

I like the smallest red earrings with one of the two bow necklaces and bow belt, the stack of red bracelets and shiny red heels.

That dress is really cute. I think it would look good with any and all of the accessories you pulled.

IrishRedRose said...

Hmmmm! I'm thinking the dress with black shoes and belt (the black shoes look dressier/more glam and the black belt will highlight the waist area less cuz it will blend into the dress more--since you said you're self-conscious about your waist), with that lovely red shrug, and either black tights OR if you still have the silver sparkly ones from a couple of years ago--maybe those? Accessorywise I'd choose one of the lovely silvery rhinestoney chandelier earrings--praps the far right pair--and no necklace, but the gorgeous red beaded bracelet and red rhinestone ring, and put the rhinestone pin on the shrug. I hope you have a great time!!!

Lorena said...

Oh ! there's a part deux !
Ok, I would probably go:
1. earrings: small red stone and silver ones
2. Necklaces: I'd try the small pearls+3black rows of black beads (without flower) + red beads together, see how they look.
3. I'd skip the bracelet if the necklaces work and go directly for that white ring.
4. the red belt and maybe pin the brooch on the bag you take....

Heather said...

I like all red stud earrings, small pearl necklace, pearl bracelet black belt with bow and red shoes.