Monday, January 09, 2012

Urban Decay Naked Palette.

OK I know this has been out forever but I am only getting on the bandwagon. One thing you don't see me do often is neutrals in my eye makeup. Mostly because.. and this is silly.... I have no idea HOW to do them. I have a formula I follow for colors. One light one dark. DONE. Neutrals need a bit more skill in my mind, skill I don't think I have. When ever I look up tutorials they never just use two colors on neutral looks. But I am OBSESSED with how Kristen Bell and Eliza Dushku do their makeup. Or how their artists did for Veronica Mars and any role Eliza does (they always put her in smokey browns) I have been eyeing the Urban Decay Naked Palette for months but didn't want to pull the trigger. Enter Christmas money! After dragging Dave to 3 Sephoras and showing him it and picking his brain if he honestly thought I could wear these colors I pulled the trigger! (Thanks for the new makeup gram! I'll let you use it when you come visit this weekend!)

(click to enlarge)

12 silky soft shades. They are seriously milky soft. I can't even describe them. Just go to Sephora and touch them yourself. It comes with a nice brush (I hear it used to come with a double ended eyeliner) and a small bottle of primer potion. I will go against the popular opinion and I am not wild about primer potion. I must just have very oily lids because it doesn't work the best for me. Don't get me wrong it is good but I've used better (for my type of skin) It may work great for you. Congrats! I wish it did. It is easy to come by. These shades will work on I dare say all skin tones. Only one I had issue with is Virgin the one all the way on the left is the exact color of my lids but on someone a bit darker than me it would be great.

Reason 84932 I am not a beauty blogger. I take makeup detail photos of my eyes with my bangs in the way the whole time covering a good portion of my eye. But when I think about it this is what you would see in real life. My bangs in my eyes. So yeah.. Just keeping it real yo. I should of at least covered the red glasses mark maybe? (rhetorical) I think my favorite so far is Toasted which I have lining my eyes. I stuck with mostly light shades today because I am at my fairest this time of year. (I have a few companies lightest shades they sell foundation and they are all too dark right now. A few days outside and I should be back to wearing them. Happens whenever I hibernate for a week over Christmas.

Since they are super bendable just pile the colors on and buff them. I have on no joke like 4 on my lids. They melt into one another nicely. Even amongst the same company sometimes that isn't the case. You can have 4 MAC shadows and it is a bitch trying to buff them together.

The only dupe I have was Sin which was Eat me Drink me from the Alice in Wonderland palette. But it was my most used color so I don't mind. Urban Decay Naked Palette retails for $48 but that is $4 a shadow which is what you'd pay at the drugstore. It is a great investment piece. If you only do neutrals and smokey shades them this would be the only palette you'd ever need! Remember they make great liners too so they are multi functional. (actually the lightest shades would be killer highlighters on other parts of the face now that I think of it)

Do you have this palette? Could you link me to a look you did with it? Or tell me your favorite combos?


Michelle said...

yay!! so glad you like it! i totally agree with you on the feel - so silky soft, even the glitters! i have both the first and second sets and love them both.

Chelsea said...

I recently got the Naked palette too and I looooove it. Today I'm wearing sin over my whole lide with toasted in the crease and hustle in the outer corners (and black winged liner). Neutral, but not so brown or black based. When I wanna have a bit of gold going on I'll start with half baked and then do the crease with smog and the outer corner with darkhorse. I haven't tried creep or gunmetal yet! But virgin is perfect for the inner corners and browbone on me.

byhillary said...

Chelsea that is what I started with too! I added though and I didn't pay attention to what I added!

Anonymous said...

I have it, but I'm such a beginner when it comes to make up I'm still learning how to use it, especially the glittery ones. I think because it is so soft, it's easy for me to go a little overboard!

Anonymous said...

I have the Naked palette as well and, while I love the colors, I have a lot of trouble with the glittery colors leaving glitter all over my face. Anyone have this same issue? Any solutions for it?

byhillary said...

Few Tips maybe one will help
Always apply eye make up first so if this does happen you don't have fall out on foundation
Use a primer
Use a lighter hand so there isn't excess
Lightly brush excess then wipe face before applying rear of makeup
Use a setting spray. I love urban decay or Mac fix+
Apply wet! It will make it richer and lasts longer. Even better use visine

rlutz said...

i have been dying to get that palette...I always wear neutrals, so I think it would be perfect!!

Megan Mae said...

Oooh. I want this palette. I pretty much only use neutrals because I keep a lot of color in my hair, and I have large eyes that tend to look odd when painted with color.

I don't think I'd ever buy it for myself though. I just don't wear make up all that often.

Though I do plan to splurge on that moisturizer you recommended. That's the main skin related thing I do every day.

byhillary said...

@meganmae you do NOT have big eyes! Also color in your hair is all the more reason to wear colors in your face! bright hair can wash a person out! I speak from major experience here.

Cassykins said...

Lucky ducky, I wish I got the one with the brush (because it looks kind of awesome) but I got my Naked when it first came out with the double ended liner.

I use Naked (the shade, not the whole palette) a lot for my brows. As for a combo, I like to use Darkhorse in the crease, Smog/Buck on my lids and then Virgin to highlight/blend out the crease color because I always go a little too crazy. I find Creep to be my least used color, in fact until I just looked at your picture, I forgot it was in there!

Bianca said...

OK, one of my faves is using MAC Satin Taupe or UD Mushroom over the lid, then use gunmetal in crease an creep in outer corner for a smokey eye

Also Buck (lid) and Darkhorse (crease)

Toasted (lid) and Hustle (Crease)

Sin (lid) and Smog (crease)

Halfbaked (lid) and Smog (Crease)

Sin, (lid) Toasted (crease), Darkhorse (outer corner)

The only color I don't really like is sidecar due to the fall out.

I am debated on if I need Naked 2, or not.