Friday, January 27, 2012

Tuesday Jan 24 2012

Tuesday it was unseasonably warm so I went with a skirt and fleece tights. I really dug this look. The blouse is one of Old Navy scores for $6. I am proud of this outfit if you don't count the accessories. ;)
Skirt Esprit 2002 $2 (going out of business)
Sweater Banana Republic $12
Shirt Old Navy $6
but then you add the Dankso boots and it is another story. eep.

Not sure why I didn't get any makeup details that day. I only have this front facing camera one. It was the Naked palette again but with the smoky charcoals.

Left is the ring I had made from something passed down to me and right is the ring Dave made from a kit. The colors matches my outfit PERFECTLY. My birthstone is the pink stone.

I had such a surprising response via email and tweets regarding my last what is in my bag post so I took a picture of two things in my bag. My food for the day and what you see below. It explains why my bag was so heavy.

What color combo makes you feel GOOD?
Mine for sure is black white and red OR bright pink. I know this is magenta but it feels kind of the same. Whenever I wear that combo I feel great. Like is suits myself. (not so much in a flattering way but in a "it feels right" way)

I am just forgetful. I DID take detail shots. Just found on my camera. I totally forgot!

Everything is clickable.


Lab geek said...

oooh I like the revlon lip butters. I am wearing red velvet right now.

Megan Mae said...

Bright colors with graphic sharp prints always make me happy. My "feel good" stuff is always changing. Some days I cannot stand to be in pants, others I can't stand being in dresses. Others I need to wear red, or patterns, or stripes. I go by my gut everyday. It doesn't usually steer me wrong.

What I want to know is what you carry in your bento! I have a very very similar one, only in blue with airplanes. I've been trying to pack bag-safe snacks to carry to class, but the food can't be smelly, no refrigeration, and no spill. Haven't had too much success yet.

byhillary said...

Homemade Mac and cheese with various pasta (what had left) thick bacon and baked beans.

Trail mix
Graham crackers and spread (peanut, cashew)
Chex mix regular or puppy chow. EAch take under 5 minutes to make

byhillary said...

Pic or it didn't happen

Melissa said...

Where do you get your awesome cardigan clips? Not sure exactly what to call them...

Melissa said...

Where do you get your awesome cardigan clips? Not sure what to call them...? Sorry if you've mentioned this before!

byhillary said...

They call them "sweater guards" mines vintage on etsy for a couple bucks