Monday, January 23, 2012

Jan 23 2012

Skirt Target
Fleece tights QVC
Boots Dansko
Sweater NY and Co
Sweater guard Etsy
This weekend we went to Old Navy and I got a crazy deal on a bunch of stuff for Dave and myself. This blouse was $3. It has bright orange butterflies on it that match my alarmingly orange sweater perfectly!

Hadn't been to old navy in forever. I got Dave 2 dress shirts and for me a skirt, 2 sweaters and 3 blouses $48!

All this for $48. 3 blouses for me, skirt and 2 sweaters and 2 shirts for Dave.

I got such a great deal I had a moment on insanity and smiled with teeth. Don't worry I am over it.

Makeup. Naked palette on eyes, Hervana from Benefit on cheeks and Philosophy Pumpkin muffin lipgloss.

Does anyone know who is on these earrings? It isn't in English. I am guessing they are a blessed metal (medal?) I remember going to Saint Anne de Beaupre as a kid and getting some. I am not  Catholic though so my knowledge is limited.

It has been awhile since I did a what's in my bag photo. While I had the lunch room to myself I took advantage!

All this was in my bag. Including the lunch. This honestly is packing light for me. This bag is SO heavy on it's own I don't like to carry it.
Bag L.A.M.B, library books. collapsible Tupperware (this was a gift probably 7 years ago it is actual Tupperware and we adore it. It gets a LOT of use) frappe, water bottle, ww calculator, baggie that used to have crackers, camera, house and car keys, work keys, ginger oil, pill box, korres lip balm (it is the bomb diggity) headphones, sunglasses, wallet.

Mini book review. Eh. That is what I thought about it. eh. Dave kept asking how it was and I kept saying eh. Then he would say "why keep reading?" I dunno. eh. I owe .50 cents on it too because it took me so long to finish.

What did you do this weekend?
We went to a party on Friday (more later) hung at home Saturday and shoveled snow! Sunday we went to Ulta (more later:) ) and went to Olive Garden for the first time in 12 years! And Dave worked on a project. I will give you a hint.

He has a project.


Jenny said...

Love your new hair!

Cassykins said...

Hehe, your book review is awesome. I have issues not finishing books, too. The worst was a 700 page honker of a novel that I knew I didn't like by page 20. That was 4 months of my life that I will never get back (yes I read that slow when it's THAT bad)
I've been sick all weekend and reading would have been a great idea, but I just watched cartoons instead. Of course being sick is not an exemption from snow shoveling which I got to do several times on Saturday. Fun!

Cara said...

Oooh! Good deals! I'm rarely that lucky at Old Navy for me - I still peruse it when there with the husband, who has much better luck, but will not head out on my own.

Robin said...

I love every stitch!

The Hobbit said...

It's a bit difficult to tell from the picture, but I'm almost certain that your earrings are Miraculous Medals with the Virgin Mary on them. They are usually oval-shaped; this is the first time I've seen round ones. The English translation of the text on them is "O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee."

I love the flowers on your sweater! The whole outfit is very cute. (Ignore the link from my profile--the blog was a class project several years ago, and I just use this account for blogs that require me to sign in to comment now.)

Kasmira said...

I love your bag! So colorful and such a great shape.

Totally jealous of the butterfly blouse. What a sweet steal!

byhillary said...


byhillary said...

oh hope you are on the mend. They haunt me if I don't finish. I have lots of unfinished and they irk me whenever i think of or see them

byhillary said...

I just wish it wasn't about 5 lbs empty! They might still have it at Old Navy it was only Sunday I went.

byhillary said...

you can click to enlarge but it still doesn't get that big. Thank you I think that is what it is! I appreciate it.

byhillary said...

there is no link but now I am so CURIOUS!

byhillary said...

thank you

byhillary said...

same here. I don't even usually bother looking but I always luck out for him.

Dave77459 said...

I love the "teethies smile" because I like how it shows your fab new hair. Do you always wear a part, or do you go for blunt straight Zooey bangs?

I'm gonna guess Dave's project is a cat tree. I took the carpet off our old tree and need to get some replacement. But in removing the carpet, I learned that they used those fiber-board cylindrical concrete footer forms. They just cut it into 1/4 circle sections so that the sleeping platforms are gentle arcs that cradle the kitties. Actually, I think they did it because the forms are cheaper than plywood. Of course, I write all this and will learn that a cat tree was not the project.

Anyways, you look great. That orange is a wonderful color on you.

byhillary said...

the lady cut my bangs at an angle this time. so they do that kinda on their own. They need some encouragement until they grow more.

We saw the concrete footer forms but i got worried about cutting them.

funny so we were pricing out the project and it was getting way to expensive and we don't have a saw anymore. I decide to buy dave a new saw because the one we lent we wil never see again. he had this $20 piece of plywood and he was trying to figure out how to cut it so we could get it in the car and have the maximum usable. this guy comes up and says "you need anything" dave said no, typical male response. I know what I am doing. I said NO WAIT do you have cut pieces of wood?

the guys SURE WE DO. Takes me to the back and they had a big pile of cut off bits people left for .50 a piece! We got all we needed for $2 instead of almost $28 for just the wood!! We got the good 2 by 4 with rounded edges even.

byhillary said...

this is just snarky but I had the zooey bangs LONG before she ever had bangs. If you want to get technical :P

Dave77459 said...

I will admit that you mentioned Zooey way before I had any idea who she was. And now she is my celebrity crush, eclipsing even Katy Perry. New Girl is Must See TV.

So awesome that you found the remnants pile. I know that some big box DIY stores will make X cuts free, then charge you some small amount after that. I did projects for years like that, so that the wood would fit in my car like you point out.

Fashion Flirt said...

YOUR HAIR LOOKS AMAZING. So shiny, and the colour is gorgeous, and it just looks like it's super swingy and moves awesomely.

I also love this look. It suits you perfectly, the cardigan is fantastic, the skirt is adorable... I am officially tempted to buy some orange (saw a really lovely orange button-up the other day on steep discount, but didn't buy it because the colour kind of freaked me out... Really, though, the best time to buy colours that freak you out are when they are on steep discount, so now I'm doubly motivated, thank you!).

rlutz said...

I hit up the Old Navy Sale too...tons of great finds!! that shade of orange looks great on you!! do carry a lot in that bag!!

Lorena said...

I love that butterflies shirt - and the medal is that of Miraculous Mary.

Megan Mae said...

Ooh the Old Navy stuff is So cute. The orange butterfly shirt was the first thing I noticed when you tweeted that photo. I spent my weekend being lazy and sleeping too much. Also watching lots of Castle.

freeda said...

I want to say something stupid like "orange you lucky you look good in that color?"


The Hobbit said...

Oh, I guess it's gone now. :) It was a blog where we were supposed to post answers to the professor's questions about the econ books we were reading for each class. I didn't do most of the homework. ;)