Monday, January 09, 2012

Holiday party help?

OK opinion needed. Dave's holiday party at work is being held at a hotel. People are all over the map with dressing. Mostly people dress up but not all SUPER fancy. The invite was black white and red and it said something about it being a suggestion for attire. 

 (click to enlarge)

I got this dress and sweater this weekend with the intention of wearing it to the party because I knew the dress would get a lot of use. Dave picked it out and it was on massive Sale at Banana Republic. ($40 from $150) On me it fits more Joanie. (by that I mean I fill it out more than the lady in picture) Now I usually avoid shrugs. I feel they emphasize my waist line in a bad way, this is based on nothing but my own self depricating nature. (make look bigger not smaller) But Dave loved it and said it added to it.

Here is the problem. I realized later that it reads more grey then black and white and grey pattern. Also is it fancy holiday party enough? I was going to wear it with either of these shoes and black tights. I also wouldn't wear the included belt I'd swap it out.

red cole haan heels Please make them stop

Two years ago I wore this dress.

 wallflower in the 2nd loudest dress in the room...........23/365

 The year before that I wore this.

 take 2 1.25.08

The tights and sweater were silver sparkle but you can't tell in photo. The dress black satin.

Is it fancy enough? If not I know I will wear it all the time anyways but should I keep an eye out for a more literal red white and black outfit? He works at a contemporary architecture firm. Lots of hip young people and some older who tend to wear something with sequins.


Cassykins said...

Honestly I wouldn't worry about it being more of a grey then black. I think black and grey reads a little classier anyway (black and red kind of became a little too Hot Topic for my taste) Go with the red shoes and black tights and if you can find/have a thin red belt, that would look nice (Target or Forever 21 or something)

TropigothMama said...

HMMM. Grey dress, red shrug, red shoes, red belt? I love the dress...
Maybe it would be more black-white-red if you did black belt, red shoes?

Lab geek said...

Oh Love the dress! I bet you'll look fabulous in it. Maybe instead of the shrug, you could wear a wrap. For some reason I always feel like wraps fancy-up outfits. Maybe it's because of how you have to hold your arms. What about a blazer with a sparkly brooch?

BTW, I have been using the naked palette for a while now and I am totally in love with it. It gets quite versatile when you are used to it. I love it so much that I bought the naked 2.

Bernadette said...

your hair is pretty freakin adorable in 08 there or whenever silver sparkle tights was taken

Lonestarcasie said...

I think the dress looks more businessy. It is very sexy secretary, but in the other pics you are wearing silky/shiny clothes. Plus, I always err on the side of if I am worried about it, I will probably be all self conscious all night.
Love the red shrug. Do you have maybe a strapless black dress that you could wear it with? The possibilities for bling are almost endless!

Kasmira said...

I think your palette is perfect.

The dress is a little business-wear, but that is easily remedied with sparkle! What about a sequin belt? And I always think an updo plus dangly earrings equals fancy.

mansionmogul said...

You could play up the gray with "silver" accessories and accents - go more red/silver than red/gray. I think it's real cute! Architecture peeps could be trendy but also sometimes creatives dress down. This is coming from Seattle perspective though so I bet Boston does it up better :)

cwhf said...

I think it's a great combo; I love grey and red. Add a nice pop of a necklace and you're set.

Lorena said...

Hillary, IMHO you can never go wrong with black, red and white.
I do think that that dress looks more business like that party like - but a wide red belt and shrug it will make it more party appropriate.
Maybe you can add several brooches on the shrug ?
Oh and I'd wear it with dark tights and black shoes.
Look forward to seeing the outfit !

Julie said...

I have that dress, too, and there is some burgundy/red in the plaid. I agree with Kasmira--sparkle it up and go with the deeper red accessories.