Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday January 13

Yesterday it was pouring and gross I wanted to feel cute and wear things that don't wilt in the weather. Black and white always makes me happy so I just loaded up on it. This blazer is denim and white stripe. I love it because it is so structured but thats why it bugs me too. Kinda stiff. When you have it buttoned you could almost stand it in a corner. I end up wearing it open most the day.

Blazer and shirt are both Loft and a few years old. Earrings Christmas from dad from local artist (he told me proudly.). Bracelet Target. Shoes Dankso (they are dark blue sparkle) Jeans Seven for All Mankind. Watch local store. Ring Marc Jacobs. Bracelet with lock Tiffany.

For Makeup I used the Urban Decay Naked palette again. I mixed Sin and Virgin on inner parts of eyes and did Gunmetal on the outside half. I think this is my favorite combo so far.

This is the BEST lipgloss. I got it at the Inglot store in Vegas. I had never tried anything of theirs and this caught my eye instantly. You can see why.

It looks a normal bright pink but the second you move it you see there is more too it.

It isn't SUPER noticeable once you put it on but you can tell if you know it.

I've only had it a little over a month and I've used over 1/3rd the tube. (I smooshed it around for the picture to fill up the sides. Sometimes I make an effort at a good pic. ;) )
Any plans for the weekend?
We are getting a new cable/internet company installed tomorrow. I am sick of paying through the nose for Comcast. I am also getting a haircut. Not positive on what I am doing but I know I need to do something because I am not happy with it.
ps. I am "trying" to make everything clickable to enlarge from here on out. I might get lazy and go back to my old ways though. eep. I know on phones it makes it easier to see details sometimes. I know I always click on people's photos trying to see more.


Kasmira said...

That blazer has the BEST shape! You look great with it buttoned or not.

LR @ Magnificent or Egregious said...

I agree, that blazer is great! What nail polish are you wearing?

byhillary said...

It's a Milani color from CVS. It's the pinky gold color from a few years ago but they might still carry it.