Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Jan 20 2012

Little hodgpodgs with my post today. I wear a variation of this outfit once a week and I never posted it from the week of Christmas so when I wore it again Tuesday I only took detail shots. I almost didn't explain but since I got a hair cut and removed the pink tinsel highlights people will notice the discrepancy ;)

Sweater Gap (2003?) Shirt Target, Jeans Seven for all Mankind, Danksos.

I am getting better at making my makeup noticeable under glasses. The key is heavier on the liner then I feel OK with. 

It isn't as strong without the glasses as I thought it would be. perception doesn't equal reality eh?

Bracelets. Etsy, Pandora with some Etsy beads, Etsy and Tiffany and Co (wedding present)

Bracelet Tiffany and Co (Christmas present) and Watch Fossil also present (both from inlaws)

I made the earrings on Monday. I love the fuchsia stone. I wish I had written down what it was called.

So here is the couch mere seconds after delivery! The bottom photo is Dave's potatoshop recreation of the couch when we were trying to decide if it would work. He took the green store model and pillows to make it like our fabric selection. Not too bad! I love it. LOVE IT. It is so much better then our piece of crap couch that fell apart in 3 years.
I am home today with a migraine I can't shake. It just won't take a hint and scram. I normally power through them because I don't get enough sick days and physically can't miss work. This one makes things have lovely halos though and the last thing I could do was work at a computer all day. The 20 minutes I spent on this is about all I can handle. Stupid letters keep moving!
Any plans for this weekend?
I plan to enjoy my couch while we get pelted with snow (Here is hoping!) attend a work function with Dave and that's about it! He needs to study for his next exam! (you hear me bub!) He even has a couch in the spare room now where he can study! The only down side is the room is also filled with RC helicopters and lots of fun art supplies and a giant art desk filled with tools. I see a flaw in my plan.....
Sorry for all the weirdness on the blog this week. Phantom posts, posts losing pictures, my template breaking and half my blog disappearing. I was trying to use an iPad app to blog from since I don't have a computer that works and it totally screwed so much stuff up and left me angry, frustrated and in panic mode fixing it all. (OK Dave too. He spent hours trying to fix the code and it looked FINE until I realized it was all posts from that app that screwed it all up) I THINK it should all be back to normal again. I will just have to figure out another solution for writing my posts. Dave has a laptop and he calls it ours and while it is I think of it as him and feel weird using it. It doesn't have any stickers on it and it's grey.. as if.


Bernadette said...

the 2nd picture down is one of the nicest of you I've seen. not sure what's so different about it; maybe the demure head tilt? I dunno, but you look great. in other news, I just cut my own bangs all chunky style ala Hillary. in my eyes & all. feeling weird about it. can't stop messing with them. I think...I like them...

byhillary said...

Equal parts
"I think this makes my chin look thinner if I do this" and trying to get myself from side cause I hate dead on in glasses. (one larger eye from lens)
Thanks! :)

byhillary said...

Wait bangs now
Cut at angle or my normal way too thick ones?

Megan Mae said...

Ahhh, I love your hair so much. It makes me miss having dark hair so badly!

Your new couch is awesome. Hubs and I just replaced "our" laptop. The one we last had broke and has been in possession of a friend of my FIL who keeps promising to try to fix it. I always felt weird using the laptop too. But when (if) we get the other one back, I'll actually have my own for once.

Plans for the weekend? Look at coats (best time to buy! Everything is on sale), have my belated birthday lunch, dinner and movie time with Mom. Otherwise? Sitting around, sleeping playing, video games, and doing homework. Same ol', same ol'.

Cassykins said...

The earrings you made are very pretty. I made a green pair that is similar (ok, maybe just in shape) and they are a favorite. I made them back when I went to my tattoo artist's wedding (now that I think of it, they were a little tame compared to everyone else, lol)
Nothing much planned for the weekend. Matt and I were going to go out tonight, but he's tired and I, too, have a really bad headache, so we called it off. We're going to try for tomorrow if the snow isn't as bad as planned. We really just want to go out for our weekend dinner out.

dotty said...

firstly, congrats on the new couch! it looks super good for lounging. secondly, i hate the halos. when they make an appearance i know i'm in for some serious migraine trouble. ick. thirdly, good luck to dave with the studying! i passed my first architecty test in december and really should start studying for the next one sometime soon. and lastly, your hair in that cut+color combination is looking stellar. okay, that's all, i think. :)

byhillary said...

He did site design the week of thanksgiving and passed and he's doing construction documents next. Which did you just take? And good luck I hear they are awful! Our friend just failed vignettes (?) the color is wash out should I keep it?

byhillary said...

Dye it! I did a dark auburn 28 washes wash out. This was before I washed it fish time. I'm
Thinking maybe going permanat with it. I have only dyed it once in a year so this was due!

Bernadette said...

well, mine aren't quite as well groomed as yours are now, but they (mine) are thick & are somehow making it look like I have way more hair than I do. does that make any sense? & I must master that "look", because I'm a goon in front of the camera...all chins or ridiculous faces. a true beauty.

dotty said...

i took programming planning and practice which is one of the more general ones. i was so scared of failing that i studied like crazy. and yeah, they're pretty awful...i think i hate the testing place more than the actual exam though!
and on the hair color subject, i really like the darker color with those glasses. and i'm all for darker hair in the winter. :)

byhillary said...

Good job! That's the one our friend failed.