Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Christmas product reviews

Quick review of Christmas items.

I was a smart lady and handed out my $20 off coupons to Sephora and told Santa about the 10% ebates days during holiday shopping time in case he was looking at Sephora at all. (an aside EVERY thing we bought each other for Christmas was on sale or we got an ebate and 95% of things were both. The only thing I got him that wasn't on sale was a small bag of those gold coin chocolates for his stocking) I love when Dave shops for me because he picks things I don't ever notice.

LaVanila coconut and vanilla forever fragance. I don't know about forever but it lasts a really long time and smells exactly how they say. Vanilla and and coconut. No crap chemicals.

Chloe Love sample. This was free. I don't know their cruelty status. I wouldn't buy it anyways because of the price but it is lovely. It is a soft powedy smell which many hate but I guess I like. I wouldn't of guessed I would if you described it.

Nails inc set. Dave got the deep dark green one with the blue-ish sparkle. It is SO PRETTY. The sparkle coat is chunky but goes on smooth and it is so dynamic. I see this looking good on dozens of other colors. I highly reccomend it to someone who wants a funky look.

Philosophy lip set. Tinsel town, Peppermint bark, Cinnamon buns, Marshmallow. YUM. I've reviewed their lip stuff before. I like it. Not too sticky. Smooth. Smells exactly as described and goes on sheer with pop of color.

Philosophy Marshmallow set. OMG if you like melted marshmallow smell BUY IT. It is on sale and an extra 20% off right now and it is holiday only so it WILL be gone in a week or two. The lotion while very fragrance fades fast and leaves your hands INSANELY soft. Dave keeps using it saying "oooh it is so soft" I need to find one that doesn't smell for him because he has very very dry skin and it actually works on him.

Mac lipstick in Plum from the Daphne Guinness colab. I bought this for myself with Christmas money. I never thought I'd wear purple lipstick but it is kinda hot.

He did a great job picking. I love it all and have used it all daily since I got it. Which says something because I am fickle and change it up daily constantly rotating things. I'll have like 4 or 5 I like and just flip back and forth.

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