Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Catching up.

You know when you don't do something for awhile then you just keep not doing it?
I wrote a post like this THREE times. Then my blogger app ate it. My laptop died so I have my ipad at home to type on and without the app I was kinda stuck. Not totally stuck just too lazy to fix stuck. So here I am trying it again one last time. If this gets deleted I give up! :P

Heading back a month. Thanksgiving. We had a very long day. We started out home in Boston and drove up to New Hampshire to my dad's house for the first meal of the day with gram, uncle, cousin (grr), dad and his lady.

It is hard to see here but gram had little sparkles in her bangs. Her and her friends had crystals put in their hair somewhere.

I was told not to bring anything. I of course am my father's child and didn't listen and brought a butter turkey.

My dad had just installed this 100 year old stove. He cleaned it like mad and had the metal redipped. How fantastic does it look. Dinner wasn't cooked on it but some stuff was heated up on it. I made sure I had a seat right in front of it at the table.

This is my dad's side of the family. After this we drove and hour to the next Thanksgiving at Dave's parents house.

When we walked in Dave's sister was holding this tiny baby. She is a pediatrician but I didn't think she brought her work home. I didn't know who she was. I yelled "who is that!?" Turns out Dave's cousin has a two year old little boy and this little girl who was 14? weeks old. She was passed around all night. She cried if you put her down so someone was always holding her and moving around. Dude. I don't know if you know this but babies are heavy. I had no idea. My arms were killing me. I would pawn her on Dave when I thought my arms would collapse. I caught him snififng her at one point.(I actually got a picture of it. ha) She smelled so good. Like a little peach.

At Dave's parents house, their giant house we spend most the time in the kitchen. It is possible not to. It screams HANG OUT IN ME I AM WARM AND THERE ARE TREATS IN HERE. Their pantry is bigger than my bathroom.

I entertained the 2 year old for awhile. He liked to pet my hair. I taught him how to take pictures. This was the first photo he ever took. EVER. He pointed to the left side of the image and told me his gammy was missing. (there is a hand covering her face)
After second dinner we drove back to Boston and less than 12 hours later we were on a plane to Las Vegas. You already saw that but you didn't see this. It was stuck on the same camera. It was the most amazing brie and ham gluten free sandwich. So good.

And here are the rest of my Christmas bounty. (click to enlarge)
I dont' have any pictures from Christmas day. My day didn't exactly go as planned.

OK so I can check this off my never ending to do list.

How was your holiday?


Lonestarcasie said...

We went back home to Texas for two weeks. I rode four wheelers and ate deer and bbq. Sounds like your basic Texas holiday to me. So glad to be home. I prefer the discomfort of everyone in my family in one bed in MY OWN bed. Glad you had a nice holiday!

byhillary said...

I never said I had a nice hOliday ;) I'm glad it appears that way. Actually everything but the day of was wonderful.

byhillary said...

oh wait you mean thanksgiving? that was nice. Most of it anyways. Actually the same issue happened at both holidays now that I think of it. Grrr. 97% of the day was nice.

Cassykins said...

Sweet haul. Sorry to hear your holiday didn't go as you hoped. Mine wasn't bad, just kind of meh. Then my brother went off to NY to visit a friend half way though Christmas Day, parked his car on the street in front of said friend's apartment and someone wound up doing a hit and run (his car is brand new, he just got it from Honda like a month ago) so that put a bummer on the weekend.

LR @ Magnificent or Egregious said...

Everyone congregates in my Mom's kitchen too. I try to keep people out of my kitchen while entertaining because there are other places in the house to be in!! People don't need to hover in the kitchen and stress people out while cooking.

Love the "Dad and his lady" comment. lol Lady friend?

byhillary said...

After 13 years "girlfriend" seems wrong.