Tuesday, December 06, 2011

You are so money baby.

I'm back! Did you miss me? I dropped off the grid for a week and lived it up (as much as my goody goody self can) in Vegas. With no alcohol or caffeine! I know how to PARTY! (Alcohol doesn't mix well with my migraines it took me a long time to realize that but I know now it just isn't worth the pain, I haven't had a drink in years. And caffeine has been a BITCH avoiding but due to my insomnia I am TRYING. I have weak moments, I do admit. I say as I am currently drinking coffee) And let me say I slept every single night in Vegas! I even went to bed early for Vegas time. (It was more like 1-3am my time though)

I took dozens of pictures of the insane food we ate. (edited to add: We weren't that bad though because liposuction is expensive!)  We were with some adventurous eaters. (I tried! I did. I am still a culinary wimp though) I have been seeing a LOT of hate across the webs for people who "take cell phone food pics" so I am kind of embarrassed to share them. Not sure why because I don't agree with the hate. I love food pics. It is where I get ideas to try things.

OK I lied here is one.

Camera Roll-2136

Our very first visit to In N Out. Three trips to Las Vegas and one to California and we had never went to one before. It was hard to get to because we refused to pay for a cab and there was no sidewalk (LITERALLY! It was a damn highway!) so we took the bus! I don't recommend it after dark there but during the day go nuts! It isn't on the nice Deuce line it was on a little off shoot bus that had some characters. :) But it was a wicked short like 2 minute ride and so worth it for GLUTEN FREE FAST FOOD those four words don't go together. Dave can't go into any fast food place and get fries (or food for that matter. Well there are a few things at some places he can have but what fun if he can't have fries?) They are always unsafe. Since they do burgers "protein style" they didn't even look at him funny when he said no bun. I didn't know about "animal style fries" or I would of done that. Just another reason to go back! I don't even like red meat and I loved this.

Camera Roll-2182 WinCamera Roll-2181 Camera Roll-2168Camera Roll-2150WinPhoto Nov 26, 1 59 48 PM

I gambled a little. I left with about $35 more than I went with! I can't find two of the photos they must of be on the camera. I only put out $6 myself. I only do machines that speak to me. One was Irish. One was a black cat. One was glitter sparkle kitty(seriously!) I won big on the Luck O the Irish one. Dave had gone the restroom came back 2 min later and I had won. He made me find the machine so he could play. He didn't win but I realize now it is because he isn't even a little Irish! It wasn't Luck o the Scotts.

I want Dave to write up a big post regarding being Celiac in Vegas. Travel is so hard with allergies or Celiac so I thought it would be great to put out there for others future googling the same things we did! We saw a show, people watched, looked at the opulence and enojyed some great food. Oh and Dave went to a conference and worked! But that part isn't interesting. ;)

I have one cute one of us. This is the one I took.  We alsmost look same height. Darn short arms.

Camera Roll-2245

Then this was his attempt. His arms are much longer and you can more accurately see the height difference even with my 3 inch heels.
Camera Roll-2165

 and just for fun. I took this of the cats yesterday. Little is bigger than big. By 50% more. Waffle is a pretty average cat, well she is on the tall side (she is second smallest in her littler of 8. They are all much bigger than her!) Daisyboo is just a petite little flower... Fitting. Waffle has a BIG personality. Everything she does is larger than life. Big lover, big asshole, big troublemaker, big cuddler, loud purrer. Daisy does everything more subtly. But watch out she WILL steal things from your purse.

Camera Roll-2255 Camera Roll-2250

They were having a bitch face-off. This is about 5 feet closer than they usually sit. It is partically cuddling. ha. For them at least.


Megan Mae said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I love food photos, cell phone or otherwise. Love the kitty photos, too sweet.

Your Daisyboo sounds like my Mom's latest kitty addition, Annabelle. Petite, solid black, and very choosy about when she cuddles.

DaniellaBella said...

You and Dave are so cute!! Sounds like a grand time!!

C said...

So glad you had a nice time. We <3 In n Out Burger, they are all over the place in California, of course :)
I'm also happy to read that people who don't party can enjoy Vegas. We've been wanting to see the Star Trek Experience but have felt strange going to Vegas when we don't drink or party anymore. Now I think we'll look into it some more!

Cara said...

Yay! You're back! I only gamble with someone else's money - I tell my husband it's because I'm more cautious with his money than my own, but we both know that's a lie!

Jess said...

OMG I love the Kitty Glitter slot machine!!! :-D

Fashion Flirt said...

I love Vegas! It looks like you had fun (I REALLY love the dark tresses on you, by the way, very swanky, very pretty!)! Coming back to the real world after Vegas, Baby! time is so tough, lol.

rlutz said...

Looks like you had a great time...you high roller you!!
You and dave are adorable!!

Lonestarcasie said...

Woo Hoo! Vegas party. In N Out is like crack to me and I hate ground meat. I don't know what they put in it.mmmmmm
I love cat bitch faces. They are the faces I would like to have when people make me tired by the very fact they breathe.


freeda said...

Yes, please Dave!!!! I want to go to Vegas sometime, but as always, all my traveling starts with researching food options!

I took a hiatus too. Glad to be back and glad you are back!