Friday, December 09, 2011

I will follow you anywhere you may go

There has been a lot of news lately about cell phone companies tracking people. I don't get too upset about all that. I assumed they were already! Doesn't mean I agree with it but I assumed it was happening and I like using my phone so it is price I have to pay. In the modern age that is going on everywhere.You are always being tracked. People you meet google you (although I worked VERY hard at keeping myself out of the web. You don't find much about me. Just the stuff my work puts out there and I can't control that. I tried. :) )
Your work watches your computer activity. It is everywhere. I do my best to stay safe and don't sweat the stuff I have no control over.
The reason why?
I am just not that interesting. Follow me all you want. You will get bored and wander away looking for something more interesting. That is what I think when I think of someone seeing my email or text. So hey, why not share where you can follow me on the web?

Here. Obviously.
Pinterest (I warn you, it got all kinda of bad taste up in there a little while ago)
My byhillary Facebook page
Email me at byhillary AT gmail DOT com I answer every email. Sometimes I don't have the right answer or anything illuminating to say but I do reply! (If I never replied to you let me know because I am pretty proud of my 100% response record) OK if you are an asshole I won't reply, I will write 4 responses and delete them all, it is the new more Zen me. Angry type, delete. My husband might though.

All that said I take safety very seriously. That is why I don't blog in my real name, I don't share where I live, work or where I am going to be and when. (I will say after the fact sometimes) That is why Flickr and Facebook need to stay friends only but I will tell you it is REALLY boring on there.

Follow me on Twitter now!
I have been meaning to do it for awhile. I am not sure I can keep it up but I am going to do a twitter just for byhillary. I keep getting requests on my private account but I keep that friends only so come on over and follow my new account. My user name is hillarytweets.


Lorena said...

I keep most info private too.
In my case its because here its not as safe as it use to be -
I actually think its ok for cel phone companies to track me - if I go missing and my phone is on I guess I have a better shot at being found.
It all depends on who uses the information and where you live and what your surroundings are...

Lonestarcasie said...

I totally had no idea this wasn't your real name. I don't sweat the out there-ness of myself either. I mean, I try not to make my kids too out there, but the rest seems ok.

byhillary said...

Uh my name IS hillary. I don't publish my full name.

Lonestarcasie said...

Sometimes when i say something stupid, I like to make myself feel better by just saying I must be really pretty. I feel VERY pretty right now. :)

byhillary said...

oh don't feel bad. T'wasn't stupid at all!

Adrienne said...

I totally agree with you. I am proud to be a nobody. Who cares what I say or do. I am not going to be paranoid like some of my friends are it is so silly.