Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Gift of healthy happy hair

healthy hair

The gift of healthy hair. I get a lot of questions about my hair. I figured it made a great gift guide. Healthy hair is a great gift. I have used it all. I have taken the supplements, ate the food they claim will make it better, used the expensive products. And you know some are fantastic but this is the stuff I go back to every single day. I use each of these 5 things daily. And none are over $10.

*A multi vitamin. Any that contains folic acid and lots of B's. You don't need one that has more than 100% of anything. I actually take a pre-natal because it doesn't have Iron in it. (I am iron intolerant since birth. It is fairly common in women actually) A gummy vitamin is FUN to take. You look forward to it. I love mine. LOVE IT. Only take as directed even if you are tempted to eat the whole jar.

*Something to gently remove tangles. I leave mine in the shower and use it once I put the conditioner in. The longer you hair gets the more you will probably need this! *A great shampoo and conditioner. You don't have to spend a lot. Actually it is better if you don't because the longer you hair the faster you go through it! I love this one because it is "gentle" enough for colored hair but it works on anyone colored hair or not. It never makes my hair greasy which is important. Remember only to apply conditioner (any product) a few inches away from your scalp line. That is what keeps the grease at bay)

 * A treatment oil. The longer you hair is, the older it is a the more delicate it becomes. It need TLC and a hair oil keeps it soft and happy. I put a nickles worth in my palm and rub it into my ends nightly. It clipped the 4 oz above. I only have a 2 oz bottle which is $10 and it last forever.

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