Tuesday, November 01, 2011

My costume

I hadn't intended on dressing up. I thought about it but I didn't think I would honestly. In the car on the way home last night I was getting so excited and came up with this idea. I knew where all the pieces were and knew I'd be warm enough with the cool night.

Camera Roll-2034

The kids just looked kinda of confused but the parents LOVED it. I was totally blushing because people were really complimentary. Especially since I half assed it. I really could of gone all out with the bloomers and dress with crinoline and gloves if I wanted. (dave didn't know minnie wore yellow shoes. I think that just means we need to get back to Disney ASAP!) I was pleasantly surprised how many parents dressed up too. One little boy told me that he really enjoyed my costume and he sees I am minnie and that he hoped I had a nice night. He was dressed up like a knight. I kid you not.

Camera Roll-2038

Someone didn't like my costume. Waffle HATED the ears. We got video of her hissing at Dave wearing my ears. She was not pleased. Which is weird because when I was taking the pictures she didn't care but once the door bell started ringing and I kept running back and forth she decided she hated it. (as a weird aside. I don't know why we have two door bells. well three but two on the front door. But it was so confusing last night) Daisyboo couldn't of cared less about the ears. She felt bad Waffle was so upset though. You know what though, now that I think about it Waffle hates tights. HATES them. Hates heels. So I think the three probably just pushed her over the edge and she spent an hour with a poofy tail. But she didn't hide, she is too nosy she wanted to see the commotion.

Did you dress up? What did you wear?


Megan Mae said...

Omgomgomg, I saw you post this on twitter and I LOVE it! It's actually very creative, and worked out perfectly. I think the yellow heels were the cherry on top!

Poor Waffle. My in-laws dog was all riled up and we only had 3 trick-or-treaters.

I pulled together a very half-assed Black Hat costume from the movie Priest. I grabbed stuff I had laying around, because I didn't want to go digging through storage for a costume I'd only wear to my night class.

Lonestarcasie said...

Well, I can't say I blame Waffle. If something on my food chain grew giant and turned into the love of my life, I might feel tortured too. :)


Anonymous said...

Super cute last minute idea!

(BTW, the kids are always confused whether you're dressed up or not, especially if you actually try to talk to them instead of just silently shoving candy into their treat bags.) ;)

Erin said...

LOVE THIS!!! You look adorable - in the best, most flattering way!

I didn't dress up for Halloween, but I did eat candy. And I watched the movie, Halloween. Does that count?

Cindy said...

Your costume is genius and your cats are adorable. I wear a lot of wraps and wide scarves and if I forget and take them off with both arms wide open I scare the heckoutta my cats. They must think I'm a hawk.