Wednesday, November 23, 2011

leaving on a jet plane, well not really

A couple weeks ago I told you about a jacket Dave surprised me with when he went out for Halloween candy. I have worn it no joke 3 times a week the past month. Its sweatshirt material, princess sleeves, peplum back and scooped front with mandarin collar. It is like they are in my head and threw all my favorite elements in a work appropriate blazer! And it is Navy blue so it looks good with brown or black. (think navy and black don't go together? I ask you do you ever wear black with denim? yeah that is what I thought. :P )

Camera Roll-2181


 Camera Roll-2190

I wore with earring I made

 Camera Roll-2179

craft fair ring

 Camera Roll-2178

mom's bracelet she made

 Camera Roll-2176

Dansko heels

 Camera Roll-2175

Multiple animal print scarf of awesome

 Camera Roll-2177

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These are new jeans. I bought a size up hoping they would be more confy. (remember fussy lately) and within half an hour they were too big and I pulled them up all day. Popped in dryer that night hoping they are shrunk up some.
Gap Long and Lean Jeans - Blazer Target - Shirt Target (its my purple smocked peasant blouse) - Shoes Dansko - Scarf from store whose name I can't remember.. it was in Beverly MA on the main drag, it sells stationary

I tried doing a fishtail with smaller sections and in a bit easier fashion then I was doing. I like it SO MUCH better. I was wrapping the hair back around each time. You don't need to though.

Camera Roll-2157

This was a sad attempt at an outfit Kasmira did recently. See here.

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I don't have a real waist though so I find belts MORE unflattering. I know it is supposed to define a waist but on me it shows how much I am lacking one.

Shoes Clarks (I went through the heels that day! Dude I must walk like an elephant. Up to 5 pairs in as many months) Jeans Gap - Sweater and shirt NY and CO - Belt Target

Camera Roll-2154


Do you have any plans for Thanksgiving?
Well for those that live in America I mean. We are going to NH to two different ones. There is going to be a surprise guest at one and I am excited just to see my Gram's reaction. My cousin, her only other grandchild is coming and she has no idea. He is in the air force and is about to ship out AGAIN.


Kasmira said...

That jacket is genius!

And, again, I am so flattered that you style-chained me! You look great and the belt doesn't look out of place.

Lonestarcasie said...

Hey. We have twinkie golden nails right now. DID inspire me with your fabulousness. Love the jacket and also hate having to pull up jeans all day. I have learned to love either a high waisted jean or a long fitted tank that I can tuck in to cover my plumber's crack.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lonestarcasie said...

Also, I will be in NH the day after Thanksgiving for 5 days. I have never been there before but my sister moved there this summer and I am going to visit. She just sent me pictures of the snow and I am crazy excited. I grew up in Texas and now I live in CA, so not much snow for me growing up. Have a safe trip.

Megan Mae said...

I love those Danskos! The toe is soo cute. I also love your jacket.

I think the second outfit is a great success. Don't hate on the lack of waist - waists don't exist! Although if it makes you feel better, I really don't see what you're talking about. I think the belt creates a nice definition to your figure.

I adore that black and white cardigan, the abstract animal print looks incredibly versatile.

My plans for thanksgiving include eating "dinner" at 2 at my Mom's with the Hubs and a friend of Mom's. Then the four of us are going to see the movie, Hugo. Last year was Harry Potter, but since there aren't any more movies, we're winging it this year.

Robin said...

I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house with friends. My husband and I decided several years ago to stop traveling for the holiday, and staying put agrees with us very well. We have other Thanksgiving orphans over, I usually make the turkey (I like doing it).

Very nice jacket! Your scarf looks awesome, as does your pattern mix in outfit #2. Your waist looks lovely to me.

byhillary said...

I wish we could not travel but it isn't an option. My family won't come to us and my grandmother lost my grandfather. When your parents split up it makes more holiday travel. It's been like this the past 28 years.

@casie I'll be more in your neck of the woods actually. ;)

Cara said...

I love the jacket, and the colours in the scarf are great!
And holidays always equaled travel for us, too, even though my parents are together. Now that we're married, it's crazy!

Lorena said...

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving - I spent it in Washington and hit the mall on Friday at 3 am !

Adrienne said...

love your style love the jacket. You manage to be comfortable and yet chic not easy to do.