Thursday, November 10, 2011

I like to make things

I have taken outfit photos all week until today. I just have to upload them. They are all still on my large camera on a tripod at home. Today I wore a pink and white blouse, that navy jacket I mentioned last time and jeans and cowboy boots. I am wearing two handmade jewelry items that are worth showcasing though! The ring Dave made me.

Camera Roll-2109

(more detail shots)

 IMG_6999 IMG_6997

and earrings I made.

 Camera Roll-2105

I was making jewelry before I met Dave but he taught me the fancier stuff that involved wires. His sister taught him. He made me a ring when we first started dating. He had his sister teach him, then he taught me how to do earrings. The rest is history. I used to do craft fairs,  sell online (that is why my site is by hillary. It used to be a store/ portfolio. It was a play on words) a failed etsy and in a local store. I only make for family now. I am a one trick pony honestly. But I like challenging myself to match outfits. I come up with an idea and hunt for beads to go with it. Like these earrings were made to go with this and one other pink print shirt I have. I do necklaces sometimes too but not often. They are more expensive and usually end up costing as much as buying one.


I am finally getting my grubby paws on Butter London polish. I dig it. This is All Hail the Queen which was originally in honor of McQueen but they changed the name. Their colors as just a bit quirky, apply smooth, last a good amount of time and have just a little something different to them.

Butter London at ShopStyle

I got mine at Nordstrom a couple months ago but they still have it.


It has micro holographic shimmer which is impossible to photograph. I should of done a little video maybe?

Do you create anything?

I can knit (ok) crochet (little better than ok but not great) sew (eh. I can get by) make jewelry (depends), embroider (decent)  , paint (ok), sculpt (depends on thing).  I can't cut a straight line though. Oh I create large messes too! I do random crafts too. I like etching, used to do printmaking and silkscreening too.


Cassykins said...

I really like the earrings, good work! I like crafts, but I don't do any of them well. I can knit (but only scarves and one type of hat), I can use a sewing machine (but only for basics), I've made a few necklaces/earrings, I've dabbled in felt (made one vampire duck pin) and I'm sure there is more. One thing I will say is I wish I learned to crochet and not knit. It goes sooo much faster.

Michelle said...

Butter London is one of my fave polish brands. A bit pricey but I feel it's worth it as it's so easy to apply, lasts forever, and the colors are so unique.

I can sew, kinda paint, and well, that's about it. I'm no where near as crafty as you are. I'd love to see some of your sculptures.

byhillary said...

try again

its been 10 years and I don't have pics of most. I have slides. I do have these two though.
which I will warn is a naught video of robotic barbies being bad

and this.

Lorena said...

THat nail polish is spectacular !
I crotchet just a little and I can sew on a button !

Lonestarcasie said...

I used to knit, but after I made scarves for everyone I know I felt kind of meh about doing more complicated stuff. I do sew and I do a lot of felt crafting (like making Christmas stockings or hair flair), I also painted a pair of shoes once when I wanted some yellow ones. I haven't really ever made jewelry but I am often tempted.

Katie said...

Oy! I knit, crochet, needlepoint, embroider, quilt, sew, make jewelry, love all kinds of crafts, DIY (I'll be tackling painting and upholstering furniture next), scrapbooking. I'm a digital scrapbook designer. I'm a period (1850's) seamstress. There just are not enough hours in the day for everything :)

I love the Butter London polish. I'll have to see if they have it next time I go to the "big" town.

D'Rae said...

I have been wanting that color!!!!!

Megan Mae said...

I play around with a bunch of crafts too. Looking back, it's been a long time since I've drawn (charcoal, ink, pencils are my preference). I still sew a teensy bit, and I do quick crafts here and there.

I've played with jewelry making, knitting, I can't crochet, and I used to do "cute mail" swaps. It was often scrapbookish penpal letters with Japanese/Korean stationery and deco stuff.

I wish I could make more of the button flowers I started making and sell them locally. I gave a bunch to my mom who wears them on her hats. She's gotten a bunch of compliments and questions about where she got them. I hardly have time to sit still these days though.

Oh, I'm also very messy. So, I only craft/create when I know I'm willing to clean up.

whenlifehandsyouapear said...

Wow! The ring is so beautiful and detailed and looks difficult to make.

I've made some simple jewelry, but nothing special. I ran out and bought a ton of beads when I first started and then kind of ran out of steam.

I've crocheted a few things over the years but still think of myself as a beginner. And I took a knitting class a couple of months ago thanks to Groupon.

I really like rubber stamps and card making and wish I spent more time learning how to do it better.

Teresa Kulupka said...

i LOVE this color of polish, i've seen this brand at Ulta but now i'll have to take a closer look.

i'm pretty crafty, but i also leave a lot of crafts half done. i have a kiln/pottery wheel and make handbuilt as well as wheel thrown pottery, i'm adequate at crochet, i like to make cards and scrapbook.

Fashion Flirt said...

I love making things! Sally just posted a link to a DIY cardigan that I'm going to try, and I've been DIYing some pumps to make holiday season heels out of them. I'm a maniac with a hot glue gun!

But I also knit, and make jewelry. There's something so satisfying about wearing something that you've made. Just wonderful.

I really like that ring, it is so intricate and thoughtfully designed. Brava!

Cyn said...

I've passed by the shade before- it looks lovely! (Hmmm...I may add this to the Christmas list.)

I have a lot of felting and ModPodging supplies around here. It's just finding the time and the inclination. I knitted a scarf once...and then I was done.

Your jewelry looks very pretty. That ring is especially nice!

rlutz said...

Dave and you are one talented couple!! Love that nails color...I definitely have to try Butter!! I love to knit...I made the boys tons of blankets when they were babies and that is usually a shower gift I make for my friends!

Beck, At Her Best said...

That polish is swanky. I likes it.

I can do a little bit of everything. I've done scrapbooking, painting, drawing, carpentry, paper arts (decoupage, etc), most needlecrafts except for knitting. I Love to bake &cook (and definitely think that is a craft), and I make lots of chainmaille jewelry that I sell. The shiny things keep my interest the most :)