Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gifts for the ladies

My gift giving philosophy definitely varies from person to person but I like to give small luxury items that I know someone would love and never buy for themselves. I can't afford to give my large extended family and friends all big gifts so this works well for most people. Well it works best for the ladies. And that is who I am talking about today. Have you ever heard of Cath Kidston? I hadn't. I was reading my googlereader this morning and some website was all excited Kidston were going to be selling in the US online now. I had to check it out because I liked the article imagery. BOY WAS I SURPRISED! I loved everything. It is all uber-feminine bright colored fun. I had revolted against all things I deemed as too girly for much of my teens and 20's. I thought it made me uncool and unhip. Now in my mid 30's I look at Laura Ashely home prints and swoon. Dude I kinda love those cabbage roses. I still don't want to wear them but I dig surrounding myself with them. I love the tiny cabin in the woods where you only read books and drink tea all day, feel to them. I put together a collage of my favorite things on the site all under $30 which I think would make great presents for a girlfriend or mom or sister in you life. (Heather advert your gaze!)

girl gift ideas

Click the small image to visit the item in the store. I get NO kickbacks, NO ad revenue, the store doesn't know I am writing this nothing. (sad you have to say that now a days.) But dude I just loved the stuff and I am all about sharing great finds. Why keep it a secret? Share!

Some of my thinking on what I chose...
*Thermos. Dude in this age of saving money and not going to *$ everyday why not bring your own... in style! I want!
*Mug to drink that coffee once you get to work.
*The three small clip coin purses? $7 each, I just wanted to show they have lots of options! Raise your hand if you have a pile full of change in the bottom of your purse because your cute wallet doesn't actual have a spot for change? Oh just me? Or you could get one to put in your car with your quarters for parking or for laundry quarters! (Dude I need three for those three things :) Actually we have a tin that says "ginger spice" on it with our laundry quarters in it. I got it like 9 years ago at Trader Joes because I thought it was hilarious. Also 2nd favorite spice girl. She was my fave until I realized my love went to Victoria)
*Wash case or makeup cases. I am like a vagrant when I pack. Things end up in Ziploc bags. (and I am not talking about on a plane, but even car travel which I do OFTEN)  I want a proper travel case that is big enough to fit more than 2 lipsticks in it. The wash case is bigger than the makeup one. (I need to find a proper manly one too. Dave right now packs in my stuff and then complains I didn't bring his right cream or face wash. (poor thing has DH. Tactile celiac.) I use whatever I can grab or have samples too he need to use specific stuff I don't usually touch because it is expensive. Lets be honest too he is better at taking care of his skin than I am. He flosses daily! what?!)
*Gadget cases. They say it is perfect for a small camera. I though it would be great for a phone too and a few cards! I have a clip on the inside of my purse I would attach this to and keep my phone in it for easy access.
*Large clip lock purses. I love the idea of keeping all my purse "needs" in it. Pills, things you want private etc. It would double for a cute clutch for a night out.
*Owl earrings. Oh come on they are cute.

Was that helpful? Would you be interested in more verbose schizophrenic gift ideas?


Michelle said...

i've never heard of cath kidston either - it kinda reminds me of vera bradley. it's funny, i'm a bit opposite of you - growing up my mom was obsessed with laura ashley and our whole home and my sister and i were covered in the stuff 24/7 so it's a bit tough for me to embrace florals. i'm working on it though :)

Cassykins said...

I love the blue floral makeup case. I actually have something Cath Kidston, it's a cook book that I bought myself years ago (I don't even see cook books on the site now) I love it to pieces, though, the insets in it are adorable and I have collected tons of recipes over the years (things I like to make I write on the cards and things I want to try I slip printouts into the "holders") Anyway, I just wanted to second your choices as I think it's a great brand :)

byhillary said...

Michelle. My mom was a total glam hippie as was our house. Still is. You can proably see it seep into me at times.

Mary said...

WHAT THE WHAT. I was obsessed with Cath Kidston when I lived in London and am super psyched to hear they're finally selling in the US! I got a pair of teal polka dot sneakers there that I will wear until the day they literally fall apart on my feet. Yay! Best news ever!

Megan Mae said...

I'm in love with the little star change purse! So cute. I always love when people do "picks" (Well except now I'm on a ban and can't shop, but it is still fun to oogle!)

tina said...

Have been a fan of Cath Kidstron since my visit to the UK several years ago. They sell online but the shipping has always been crazy expensive.