Thursday, November 03, 2011


My boss brought in 7 lbs of candy the other day. That was just her. There was more. There is only about 15 of us in this office. Not everyone eats candy either. When ever I walk past it I grab a piece and take it back and shove it in my drawer. I haven't ate a single piece. I'm just stock piling for when I do want it.

Camera Roll-2064

I guess I am a secret hoarder. I love candy. Well I love chocolate covered things. I just have crazy self control regarding sugary things. But in two weeks when I want sugar so bad I could scream, I will have options!

Make it a bowl of chex mix though and I will be singing a different tune as I shovel it in. Preferably hot but I like it cold too. (Let me quantify that. I like HOMEMADE chex mix, not that store bought shit. Smart Balance, Worcestershire and a microwave!)

That isn't my blazer but the rest is the same. My boots are from 2007 but from the tags inside they appear to be the same, my mom got mine at a cowboy store in Florida. My pants are a few years old as well but again I think the same. The necklace and watch were birthday presents this year. Bracelet from 2002.

See the same.

cowboy boots gift mom

Camera Roll-2066

I didn't realize I had so many words on my bracelets. I do like things that say things, things, things.

Camera Roll-2062

The outfit is last today because the photo is eh. It was pitch black outside and I didn't know where my camera was but I dug the outfit so we iphoned it in.

How are you doing today? Anything interesting happen this week?

Dave is in study mode for his first exam. I have been watching Gilmore Girls again from the beginning. I forgot how much I loved that show.


Cassykins said...

Your tiny floor pumpkin is adorable!

I kind of like store-bought Chex mix, but only the original. Homemade is hands down the winner if available, though. Darn it, now I want Chex mix. I'm so hungry right now and still have half an hour of work (and another hour or so of errands after that)

Collette Osuna said...

Love all of those adorable bracelets....and the boots are pretty incredible too!!
How funny...we had tone of candy at work an empty office in which we named "candy room"....everytime anyone went into the room to snag a piece of candy, we had to ring the bell at the front desk, lol...not a great deterrent...we still managed to eat a ton of it....I lost 3 lbs at Weight Watchers last night...I have NO idea how, lol.

Happy almost weekend!!

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byhillary said...

cassy the store bought put stuff in it I don't like or can't have. It isn't GF either. That said I will stil eat the store bought if someone put it in front of me.

collette congrats on the loss! I do weight watchers too!

Jess said...

Love love love Gilmore Girls! :-) I also love your hair. It's so Zooey! You and Zooey are my long hairspirations. hehe

Lonestarcasie said...

Love the boot on the shelf. Have you ever seen one of those door stops or book ends made from vintage boots? They just fill them with cement or plaster or something to make them heavy and stiff. Nothing that interesting going on except I am trying to wean myself off of a serious Rachel Zoe addiction that I don't even know what to think about.

Chelsea said...

Ooooh I'm loving the autumnal color you've got going on here. Especially with the pumpkin in the photo :)

And that is an impressive candy stash! Luckily we don't work together as I'd be hitting you up!

I LOVE chex mix... in a bag. I've never had the homemade stuff though... which makes me feel like I must be missing out on something wonderful.

byhillary said...

Chelsea go to the store and buy

Worcestershire sauce
What ever butter or margarine or hippie stuff you like
what ever nut you like (i like cashews)
two boxes chex cereal ( i refer rice)
bag of chocolate chips
powdered sugar
peanut butter

then go home and make a batch of muddy buddies and a batch of regular chex in the microwave and alternate eating the two until you want to vomit. seriously.

OK weird shit? I am listening to a lonely island song and I am not even kidding I've never heard it and there is an entire song playing at right this moment that is a love song to chex.

byhillary said...

here are the recipes for you

I don't use two kinds or put other shit in it. I just do nuts and chex and the spices and sauce

muddy buddies

Cara said...

I love how the outfit has a hint of 70s to it! I've been craving halloween candy all week, but we finished our last bag days before halloween!

EvaNadine said...

if you ever make it down to DC, i want to go shopping with you so you can style me. you just put things together in just the right way!

and yay for WW! im down almost 25 pounds since i joined about 4-5 months ago. do you do WW online? if so, wanna be my fwiend??

byhillary said...

evanadine i JUST gave up my etools memebership after SEVEN years. I didn't use it anymore except to track and so I bought a new calculator on ebay. also AWWW PISH! If you saw HOW i picked out clothes you might reconisder. It involves me in my underwear going through the bag of clean laundry I never put away and the pile of "things that are worn but not smelly" and pairing things up. oh and lots of " DAVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE does this make me look like an oompa loompa" questions.

byhillary said...

cara well I am from the 70s! haaa. Seriously!

byhillary said...

I am heavily influenced by how my mom dressed in the 70's

wide leg pants, cowboy boots, lots of bracelets and a flower button down.

Bri said...

I had a similar blazer in high school that I stole from my mother's closet. I'm sure it was originally from the '70s.

And the first season of Gilmore Girls is by far the best. I could watch it over and over again. The end of Season 4 is pretty awesome too. That season finale when Lorelei and Luke finally kiss can make me swoon any day of the week.

Cyn said...

I really dig today's outfit. It has a nice autumn vibe to it.

I too am fighting off the Halloween candy. I have to stop all of this mindless eating.

Michelle said...

gah hillary - your hair is so so pretty! it looks so rich and shiny! i so love the boots and the pants. i also love the shirt - this whole outfit is so so great.

also - i'm so jeal of your candy stash. we gave out hard candies so i wouldn't be tempted to eat it all!

byhillary said...

Michelle I use shine spray or lately a cheap moroccan oil type serum. My mom got the shine stuff for me I want to say the brand was CHI but I broke the bottle and I have it in a plain plastic bottle. It was a clear bottle with a silver cap with a red circle label on it.

I put mousse in before bed (cheap mousse. Like Tressame) and a glob of fake moroccan oil and in the morning style it with some sort of heated thing. It's been wicked dry so I have been layering on the shiny stuff.

freeda said...

I also love things with words on them! I'm a quote junkie. Have you been on Pinterest before? Oh, mine is sooo full of quotes.

I'm watching What About Brian from the beginning. How did we live before Netflix?

Love your gray nails. ;)