Monday, November 21, 2011



The only spot I could find in the entire library had these wild red and burgundy books. It shifted the colors of everything because they were so bold here are the actual colors below. The dress is a soft tan with slate blue, fuchsia and orange and the cardigan is olive green, turtleneck and the fleece leggings are brown.


Lets me real. This will be me all day. I can never decide with drape cardigans.

Dress Gap outlet
Cardigan and turtleneck Target
Boots Clarks
Fleece Leggings gift from my mom 4 years ago. No tags.

I went a bit overboard with the flat iron today.

We had (still have) a small crisis at home. Saturday night at about 8:30pm I had a KILLER headache after a day of adventuring to NH to hang out with with sister and mother in law. (They didn't cause the headache. The stinky lady next to me on the bus ride home did. There were empty seats and she sat next to me. I asked her to let me take one and she wouldn't! I spent the whole time cursing her in my head, plus she had on stinky perfume.) well I go and turn on the shower and change my mind to go do something real quick and.... the shower wouldn't turn off. I panicked. Dave was studying for his exam at 8am the next morning.... I yelled for him and he came in and he couldn't get it to turn off all the way either. Frantic texts to my landlord and about 9:30 they have it all apart and can't get it to turn off either. In fact it was worse! Instead of drip it is now a small stream! They turn the hot water off for our apartment and say he is going to call a plumber in the morning. Well lets just say the plumber STILL hasn't come. When ever you turn on any faucet in the apartment the shower turns on! It is like an evil movie joke. Last night it was all I could hear. I peed 874732 times. Tonight I buy ear plugs on the way home. Waffle and Daisy have taken turns sitting in the tub and watching it. I think they have careers in plumbing. My landlord thinks they are going to have to take apart our bedroom wall to fix it!!!! oy.

I took this on the train on Saturday. I was impressed I was so pulled together for getting up at 6am on a Saturday.

I also broke in my other Danskos

It isn't coffee it was mint hot chocolate. I "gave up" caffeine due to my insomnia being a total bitch lately. It make mornings ROUGH. I have an occassional 8 oz frappe that comes in a glass bottle with small amount of caffeine and I had a soda the other day but other than that I have been doing OK with it. The withdrawl headaches are getting better. Last week with a BAD sleeping week. I have more than one 3am night and I have to get up at 6:30am. I have battled insomnia for years. My current strategy is affirmations, no iphone or computer after 9pm, hot beverage at 9pm and staying out of the bedroom all day. Do you have any suggestions that help you fall asleep that don't include drugs or herbal supplements? (tried that.)

How was your weekend?


Cassykins said...

I hope your possessed shower is exorcised soon!
For sleeping, have you tried keeping a fan on for noise? Sleeping in total silence is tough for me, so sometimes I'll keep a small fan (one that doesn't blow too much air so I don't get cold) on year-round.

EvaNadine said...

i cant help but giggle just a little bit at "evil movie joke" of turning on your kitchen sink + having the shower turn on.
but seriously, i can only imagine how miserable that must be. anything that F's with sleep is just pure evil. hopefully they dont have to end up pulling your bedroom apart to get it fixed. and if they DO, you guys should be getting a SERIOUS cut in rent until it is fully repaired and cleaned up.

and BTW, i love this dress!
you are one of those people i want to go shopping with, just so you can say "you. buy THAT."

byhillary said...

@cassy yes we do. Dave HAS to have a fan on. Last night I had three on. The noise one he uses, the ceiling and the bathroom and NONE would drown it out. Hence the ear plugs tonight! I might close the bedroom door. It is hard because the cats are in charge so I let them roam free and don't lock them out because they will just cry at the door all night.

mewwww meeeeeeeewwww meeeww loosely translated to LET ME COME SLEEP ON YOUR HEAD PLEASEEEEEEE

Cara said...

If you've ever done yoga, I find that running through the sun salutation poses in my head and doing the breathing along with it usually puts me out, eventually. And sometimes it takes getting out of bed, doing something for 10 or 15 minutes, and then re-doing any bed time routines for my body to go: "Oh, right, sleep!".
I like the drapey cardigan tied with this outfit, but I certainly shuffle mind around continuously too. Well, if "drapey cardigan" means "snuggie".

Vanessa said...

Oy, that's when I would have apologized and told the lady her perfume was giving me a headache... I have a very low tolerance for strong/offensive smells.

I hope your water gets fixed soon!! I also hope you don't pay the water bill!! :)

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

I love mint in everything, that sounds delish. Love the print in that dress!

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
I'm having a giveaway...

freeda said...

Sleeping tips? Kiddo used to use "creative visualization" CD's to go to sleep. My hubby sleeps with a cpap on, so I have an ipod on with audiobooks. Neil Gaiman is my favorite to read me to sleep! He has such a great voice - the accent and rhythm are just perfect.

I asked for the Dansko Reeny for Xmas... we'll see if anyone wants to pony up for it. You'll convert me yet.

And my weekend was great except for dbag ex-husband, but I blogged it and it's over so I'm moving on. Scheduled post for tomorrow includes a BONUS KITTY PIC!

Love the train pic!

Sara said...

I have no insomnia tips to give, in fact I would like some too! I have waht's called interrupted sleep, so on a bad night I wake up a million times. But last night I woke up at 4:07 and just couldn't get back to sleep. Feeling urgh tired this morning and wish I did drink coffee! Anyway, hope your possessed shower is fixed soon and with ease, and that your insomnia gets better too. ~ Sara

Jessica said...

I have a friend who suffers from insomnia and I always feel so bad for her. I hate having my sleep interrupted in the least bit so I can't fathom me without sleep. I would be a wreck.

Hoping you find some relief at some point.

byhillary said...

@jessica I am. I am a total wreck. I get emotional and paranoid and it isn't a good look on me. All my whining lately on the blog I am sure is 100% related to lack of sleep.

IrishRedRose said...

I've tried drugs, herbs, etc. but the only things that ever worked for me are meditation morning and night, no/very little caffeine, lots of exercise (it seems to calm my mind--any physical activity does really, like cleaning or something, but exercise is better for me), yoga and yoga breathing, and melatonin (I dunno if you meant to include that as it's a hormone, not a drug or herb--I guess my brain is just not making enough of it anymore. aging. urgh.)

Also maybe what helped most of all was not thinking/obsessing about it as much as possible. It's like I would get performance anxiety about sleeping and that would just make things worse.

I apologize for laughing as I read your plumbing story but the way you told it was SO funny! I can just see your cats sitting in the tub, staring at the miraculous new fountain... :-)

Love your blog as always! *purr*