Tuesday, November 15, 2011

10 things I wouldn't want to live without.

Love Maegan did a 10 favorite things post and it got me thinking and I had a hard time deciding what kind of things to do, beauty, life, food etc. So instead I decided to do top 10 things I couldn't (don't want to) live without now that I have them in my life.

Mind you this list is superficial things only, this is supposed to be fun.
1. Imitrex Dude. I have had migraines since I was 10. This is the ONLY thing that ever really saved my sanity. I luckily have insurance but I don't care I'd pay the $15 + per pill. It is the only reason I am sane.

2. Knee socks. I wear knee socks from September to May each year. I wouldn't survive the winters without them. I adore them. I ask for some every year for Christmas. My grandmother gets me the nice ones. You know the ones that cost more than $3 a pair ones. (I am cheap)

3. Mousse. How I didn't know about how awesome this was all these years I will never know. I thought it was something you used if you had a perm (or at least I used to) A hair dresser told me to put it in before bed with my wet hair and I wake up with the most perfect tousled look. I buy the cheapest cruelty free one I can find. Tresseme currently. It also has a weird bonus of making my hair insanely easy to comb when I wet it. It has conditioners in it that when I go and wet my hair instead of the snarl ball it usually it it makes it silky smooth.

4. Make Up Forever Concealer. My nakeup friend Leland who works at Sephora and has known me for a few years suggested it for me. BEST CONCEALER EVER. Covers spots with heavy coverage but it is undetectable.

5. Seche Vite. Fast drying top coat. Under 5 minutes your nails are totally dry. I won't paint my nails without it. I do not like to wait. I buy two bottles at a time.

6. iPhone iPad. I love my iPhone. LOVE IT. It is my link to my family, friends and husband. It is how I talk to my grandmother. Send my mom pictures. See my friend's children grow up. I haven't used a computer at home in months. I do everything on my phone or iPad. I can listen to music, watch tv and movies, send movies, make movies, take pictures, see pictures, play games, video chat, write lists, track appointments, look up stupid things randomly (my browsing history is hilarious) I just really really love it. I drank the Kool-aid willingly.

7. Ginger. Anything. I will eat it, drink it or wear it. I love anything ginger. In my food, candied, perfumes, lotions, lipstuff, candles. I just adore everything about it. It soothes my stomach and my mind. (seriously, it is known to do both!) I just don't like ginger ale. Entice me with gingerbread scented or flavored anything and I will follow you home.

8. Kiehls 133 Remember I said I had snarly hair? Until a month ago when I started using mousse this was the ONLY thing that got them out. It is stupid expensive but it is a miracle product on my hair. I started using it 10 years ago when I moved to Boston and my Florida acclimated hair FREAKED OUT. If you have problem hair go to Kiehls and ask for a sample (they are generous with the samples)

9. My library card. I would be dirt poor if it weren't for my library card. I like to read. Lots. Lots and lots and lots. Plus libraries are awesome (as long as it isn't the one I work in) I rent movies, books, kindles, museum tickets, see author talks, sit and read magazines ALL FOR FREE. If you aren't using your local library I can promise you are missing out. OH and if your library doesn't have something they will borrow it for you from another library FOR FREE. (it is called inter library loan) so just because they don't have it don't think all is lost!

10. Though these weren't in order I did save the best for last. KITTENS I love cats. I wasn't always like that. I dare even admit I used to think they were dumb. I was dumb. Kittens are awesome. I am allergic to them which is probably where some of my prejudice came from but it is all in acclimation. I am still allergic to others but I got used to mine. I still have to wash my hands and clean things often but it is worth it. The joy they bring it to my life is just so awesome.

what are somethings you can't "live without"? (Honestly I could live without most of it but you know I don't want to!)


Kasmira said...

Oh, kittens and knee socks! And I'll have to try your mousse trick.

Is there a foundation you can't live without?

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful you introduced me to Seche Vite! Only way I can paint my nails. I constantly get asked if I have a shellac manicure, too, since it makes my nails so shiny and glossy.

byhillary said...

@kasmira I don't wear foundation. I wear concealer and lightly dust mineralize powder by MAC over it. If I am really red (rosacia) I will wear Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer which is AMAZING. But that is mostly only in the summer when it gets really fussy and red from the heat.

byhillary said...

the other added bonus of mousse. It helps hold the style longer. If you want to curl it for example if you have let mousse dry in your hair it gives it a good grip for the curl.

Nicole said...

I can't live without my cat. And my poshe top coat! It has revolutionised my life.

Jess said...

I can't live without at least half of your list (especially the kittens. and the iPad). I think I might have to make a list of my own like this...I am overdue for writing on my own blog with all its zero readers. :-)

Lonestarcasie said...

Mexican Food- preferably Tex Mex
Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick- totally stays on without drying out my lips, so I can kiss the hubz and kids with red lipstick on
Memory Foam- I have two memory foam mats stacked on top of my mattress. My bed is like a giant hug.
Ebay and Amazon- almost the answer to anything
Smart phones- because of them, it does not matter if I forget the directions or the invite. I can look it all up when I am already in the car (also saves me and hubby from "you forgot the blah blah" arguments)
Brita Pitchers
Facebook- without which I would probably not keep in touch with anyone
Sriarcha sauce


LR @ Magnificent or Egregious said...

Great post, it has gotten me thinking about my must have items! I couldn't live without a library card either....also a good mattress, a laptop, boots, music, books, a good eyeliner, coffee....

Megan Mae said...

Knee socks! <3 I am also cheap. I buy socks at Dollar Tree, sometimes.

Funny you don't like ginger ale! That's about the only ginger thing I can stand. I also cannot tolerate cinnamon in anything. I have a super sensitive nose and ginger/cinnamon buuuurns.

Kittens! I'm glad you're able to live with your kitties. I only see my mom's once a week, and I miss them like crazy during the off time.

I couldn't live without my Nook, my camera, or my crockpot. I'm quickly adding henna, face moisturizer (liking the neutrogena sensitive skin right now), and green tea.

I'm very changeable though, so I suppose I can adapt.

Teresa Kulupka said...

i'm going to have to seek out that topcoat. btw i bought that butter london 'save the queen'? polish you posted the other day. it's beautiful!