Monday, October 10, 2011

What's in my bag?

Michelle of Quinnette asked to see in reader's bags and I haven't done one of these in awhile so I figured it was a perfect time. I haven't cleaned out my purse in a few weeks. It shows. Don't believe me? Check out how many lippies had accumulated in there.

Camera Roll-1890

Camera Roll-1896

Camera Roll-1892

I forgot to include my book I'm reading which was in there too. (Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad. It's pretty bad but it's from the library so no loss)

Purse 32nd birthday present from Dave. (totally picked out himself I had nothing to do with it. Gram has tried to steal it for a year now. Seriously she does. She is crafty)
Robot monkey tissues
Regular tissues
Eyeglasses case I've had since college (over 10 years)
Hair pick from kiehls. I heard they discontinued it but if you ever see one BUY it! Mine is 9 years old and I use it all the time.
Various lipsticks and balms (all cruelty free!)
Lip liner
Lip brush
Glitter liquid liner
Mini compact from Twilight Line. I love these so much. This one is Rosaline.
Dior concealor. It's like Touché Éclat but cheaper. I like it better.
Free Dior mirror. Free when I got concealor. They always give little bags full of stuff.
Fish hair clip I've had since 1997. Seriously. I bought it first week of college. I adore it.
Pill case full of imitrex
Hair tie
Cortizone. Fall itchies. My ankle won't stop it itching last week. I like it was wool socks one day. No more wool I think.
Noise canceling headphones. My coworker eats sooooo loudly. It's so gross.
Binder clip. I was holding a shawl closed with it at work and forgot I had it on and ended up in purse.
Ring. I broke it. :(
Pictures from hair cut and then reused it for dye job. (yup)
Bag of raisins. I hate them. I eat the trail mix, leave them and bring them home for Dave. Waste not!
Glass file. Buy one. Seriously. Go do it. It will. Change your life. Mine is from a craft fair. Thy are only a few bucks at supply stores and washable And you can use on cats! (well waffle at least)

Now show me what is in your bag?!


Cassykins said...

Mmmm raisins. Totally love your purse, understandable why Grams would want to steal it. If she succeeds, let he know that I want dibs on Fridays, lol.

Mary said...

Finally, a what's in my bag that looks like my actual purse! I always see these posts where there are no more than four things in someone's bag, and I am in disbelief. My bag isn't ridiculously messy, but I always have at least a FEW extraneous things in there! Plus, I tend to accumulate lipstick/gloss like they're multiplying in there too :)

Erin said...

Lipsticks and lip balms are like bunnies - they just multiply like crazy in my purse, too!

That, and hair elastics. The other day, I sorted out TEN. I don't even have that much hair!

I also accumulate receipts, pens, and pennies. I'm a big believer in "see a penny."

Annnnd, that's what's in my bag! However, my bag is no where NEAR as cute as your bag.

Lonestarcasie said...

Can I just say that your Gram seems like maybe the coolest chick ever? Purple purse rocks!

Boutique Girl said...

My bags are always to yucky inside to do one of these posts. Like today everything is covered in baby porridge (powder) from a leakage while we were away at the weekend!