Friday, October 07, 2011

Lipstick high vs. low

Camera Roll-15

One of my favorite lipsticks is Nars Funny Face and it is one of my go to shades. It is a bright fuchsia with a slight blue sheen. Fuchsia is like a red lipstick, if you are wearing that you don't need to wear much else. It is a statement color. At $24 though it is not what I would call an affordable lip color. Don't get me wrong I love it but I might not repurchase at that price point for a color I won't wear every day.

Recently I went to Ulta for the first time. I was so excited to see NYX. I had heard a lot about the brand but I had never had a chance to try it. If you don't know about them they are a drugstore priced line with MAC type colors and products and they are cruelty free! (Sadly MANY drug store brands are not, dare I say 75%)

I immediately zeroed in on a color called Chloe.


(I use a cheap Sephora liner with Funny Face so I figured I'd give it a whirl with the NYX one. Liner helps bold colors stay on your lips and look crisp)


NYX is $3.99. The smell and texture is great. I have tried many expensive lines and I'd say I like the feel of this one just as much as those. (more than some even!)


On the left is NYX in Chloe and right Nars in Funny Face. As you can see the left one has a bit more noticeable shimmer but other than that they are VERY similar. The Nars one does have a blue shimmer as well but it is very subtle. The NYX  shimmer isn't that noticeable on the lips with a flash on a flat surface it is more noticeable. I'd say the Nars one is a tish more matte. I would say it is a good dupe and I would recommend it to any who wants to try out a fuchsia lip but doesn't want to invest a lot.


I know many people are scared to try a bold lipstick but don't be! Dude it wipes off!


Emily B. said...

Ooh, you look pretty. I love the pink with leopard cardi you are wearing in the last photo, too.

freeda said...

Pretty! I wonder why you don't fill out your whole lip line, though? Are you going for the "bow mouth" silhouette?

I always stick with neutrals because as a child I was teased for having "big lips" and so even though they aren't ridiculous, I am still self conscious about them. Plus one is scarred and enough people ask me about that as it is without drawing more attention.

byhillary said...

Confused?! That IS my whole lip filled in. I have a very small mouth and tiny top lip. I color in all my natural lip everytime.

byhillary said...

I'm guessing your seeing a shadow when my lips stick out? I'm so confused I even enlarged it to look at it. Any pink of my lips is colored in. I do not go below on the flesh part like some makeup artists do when they want to "enlarge" my too small lips. Looks like its over drawn and like my lips smudged.

Megan Mae said...

I bought the darkest color of tinted burt's bees lipbalm (plum I think) thinking of you and your bold lip-looks.

This is a great post. I'm quite fond of my nyx products. I bought an eye shadow trio before Opry Mills mall ended up under water (Nashville flood/only place that sold NYX locally).

anotheryarn said...

Interesting... I might have to try this. What is the liner color though?

Oddly enough, even though most of the time the only makeup I wear is lipstick (a "me but better" shade to avoid my face looking washed out when my lips turn blue due to being cold)... when I try a bold tone I feel like the rest of my face looks very noticeably un-done. Any tips to avoid this?

byhillary said...

Lip liner in funky fuchsia by sephora. Id say more blush. Blush is a great way to look more "done"

freeda said...

Oh, you go by where your natural color is. My natural lip color looks like I've been dead for a week, so I go by where the ridge is. If I only color where my color is, it looks weird. Also my top lip is much more defined than my bottom lip. This is my unsmiling mouth, which is why I never take pics like that!

This may seem stalkery, but I made an illustration of your mouth in Paint. Observe my mad skillz!

Going by color, what you think of as your lipline (just a crop of your pic):

Going by the ridge/outline thing, what I think of as your lipline.

I agree I hate it when people go way outside their natural lipline to make a whole new shape. Some of my employees do that with their eyes, eybrows, lips, and cheekbones. I wonder if their boyfriends even recognize them after a shower!

byhillary said...

Anotheryarn. Two great me but better lippies. Burt's bees colored balm in hibiscus
And Laura mercier in baby lips. Love them!

Kate Lasater said...

The colors are beautiful! I have been dabbling with brighter lip colors lately, and loving it. What a great way to add a little extra something to an outfit!