Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I didn't dress up today. I am debating if I will dress up tonight for my first ever time I am hoping I will have Trick or Treaters! I grew up in the woods then lived in apartments so I never got to hand out candy. I am contemplating wearing my Dorothy costume and answering the door asking the kids if they have seen my Toto. Most of these have been seen on my site before but it is always fun to share them. Costumes I have worn in my life (some for photos). I have never been particularly good with the costumes.

I don't have most of my childhood pics scanned. It is on my to-do list though!

And so it begins.............................1/365

I was cured, all right!..............8/365

do you have one really funky sequined space suit, Bowie? Or do you have several ch-ch-ch-ch- changes?............7/365



work halloween party

Dave made the alice costume. Yup the whole damn thing.

Queen B


1979 dad and me

My "first" halloween. It was technically my second but my first halloween I was only a few weeks old.

1984 halloween

The baby next to me in the picture. I call him Goobie. He just turned 28 and has a child of his own. I feel so old!


This was my ecard from 2008.

Fwd: Happy Halloween!

2007 ecard. In the second photo she is desperately ripping the chicken hat off.

How was your weekend?

More snow!

I am sure many of you heard already as it was such an oddity but we got snow this weekend! Not two weeks ago it was 90 degrees which is also unusual for October. We only had a week of real October weather. Many people are upset over the lack of fall in New England. I have so many great fall coats I haven't been able to wear because our week of fall it rained the whole time! I have a leather hoodie zip up coat I want to wear but today it was 20 when I left the house!

On Friday I woke up to this. She climbs up in the middle of bed between us and tucks herself in. Usually spooned up to one of us and feet dug into the other person's ribs. Daisyboo sleeps on the end of the bed. :( She doesn't like being covered up. I love that Waffle loves to cuddle. I don't like how much laundry it produces! Oh the cat laid on my pillow! Time for new case. (I am allergic to cats. As long as they don't touch my face and I was my hands all the time I tend to be ok. You get acclimated) Luckily I have a hookup in vintage pillowcases! (Waves! Hi Emily!)

What I wake up and find beside me

Then this is how she spent the day yesterday.

Waking from 2 hour nap

She has it rough. Note she is next to the radiator. Smart kitty.

Waffle wants to go as Princess Leia again.


Cassykins said...

Happy Halloween! Waffle makes an amazing Princess Leia.

Anonymous said...

I totally love the Audrey photo. That's so awesome! You nailed it.

And Waffle's costume completely cracked me up. Are you kidding me?!

Megan Mae said...

Happy Halloween! I love all your costumes, and your kitties costumes.

Lonestarcasie said...

Suddenly I have the desire to craft myself a courderoy princess leia hat. And yest, I have not idea how to spell courderoy.

Michelle said...

you have had some really great and creative costumes over the years - i really love the one you posted on twitter last night! and omg - waffle as leia is priceless! love it!

rlutz said...

Princess Leia is priceless!! sounds like you had a nice relaxing weekend...except for the snow!

Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

Bundled-up in a blanket Waffle is too cute!

Love all your costumes, I haven't dressed up in YEARS, I think last time I was Rosie the Riveter... I am a holiday slacker, you are my hero.