Tuesday, October 04, 2011



Blazer (olive green corduroy) few years old H&M
Jeans 2007 American Eagle
Shoes 2011 Dansko Reeny
Bag 2010 LV
Shirt early 2011 Target
Ring and bracelets gifts
Watch birthday present. I wanted a pink (rose) gold watch. My inlaws got this for me. It looks yellow in the photos but it has a strong pink cast in person. Coppery but not too orange.

IMG_8734 Bracelets 10.4.11 IMG_8729 IMG_8729 IMG_8727

Dave was laughing as I took that. I took that as a sign I shouldn't smile with teef. He sees it all the time though.

Those aren't my earrings but they should be don't you think?? I wore these instead.

earrings 9_6_11

Edited to add.

Order up.

Dave took this cute photo of the kittens last night. My inlaws painted a stool to match a 30 year old stool we had. Daisy had always loved the stool at our old place now we have two and Waffle sits on the new one Daisyboo on the old one. The stools are the same height, Waffle is just much taller.


rlutz said...

Love this outfit...totally screams fall with the cordory blazer! Love the socks!! That pic of the kitties is too cute!

Sal said...

For what it's worth, lady, I LOVE your with-teeth smile. Truly.

Anonymous said...

I always love your style. Casual yet chic and very cute.

Also, where did you get the Harry Potter "I solemnly swear...." bracelet? Love it!!!

Also also, kittehs! So cute! :)

Cara said...

Exposed button fly jeans? Adorbs!

grace said...

OOh, I love the watch. And, as always, your bracelets. Your hair is looking really excellent, too.

Megan Mae said...

Things I love about this outfit: Your shoes and socks, your awesome painted nails, your harry potter bracelet, and your gorgeous smile!

I love the picture of the cats! Daisy looks like she has the same expression Sammy (Mom's black cat) has a bunch. Slightly twitchy ears and a thousand-yard stare.

Lonestarcasie said...

I love your kitteh pics every time. I also enjoy a stealth sock splash of color.


laniza said...

Are your shoes comfy? I think I want a pair!

Also, the kitties are too cute :)!

freeda said...

Hmm, I bet I could copy this look pretty easily. My sister gave me a green corduroy jacket recently!

Emily B. said...

Love your arm party today...I forgot to take a photo of mine, it made me think of you! xo

Boutique Girl said...

Your blouse is so cute!

david said...

You did a bunch of pink exceptionally well without it being - ugh, pink!
Very adorable outfit.

We need to get them booster seats so they can eat at the counter.

Between Laundry Days said...

Every time you wear those heels I think I love them more. So cute!