Thursday, October 27, 2011



Dress H&M
Coat Forever 21 Boots
Necklace Pop's dog tag from Navy
Nautical themed bracelets (I've told you I love to exhaust a theme)

IMG_3916 IMG_3943 10.21.11 bracelets 6266189791_0842345c10_o

I thought I had posted this already! oops. This was last Friday. I got half way through the day and I ripped off the tights in a random bathroom on my lunch break. (just realized that sounds bad. I took them off beause I felt suffocated!) Ever do that? I mean I didn't literally rip but I couldn't get them off fast enough. So much ouch. I found out the next day I wasn't insane and I now have a lovely list of the trigger foods for GERD. I had eaten no joke like 7 of the 10 in one meal. (Naked burrito bowl with soda) I was having horrific chest and stomach pains. OY so much pain. (I am under a drs care. This problem is been going on 7 years. I have had MRIs, colon/endoscopy, xrays, ultrasounds you name it. Gah. NOTHING is wrong with me ((regarding that, lucky me that is just one problem I have)) just GERD.) I knew I had it but no one really ever mentioned trigger foods. I mean I didn't even think to look it up. I just thought it meant when I eat, it comes up and I have chest pains.
Garlic, onions, spicy, tomato, fatty food dude I had all those in one meal.

It really seems obvious but dude it really wasn't. I wish it had been to me. I mean I have all my foods written down from the past FOUR years. I kinda thought it was just junk food that might do that. Which is why I don't eat out often or buy that stuff. I actually purposefully only buy stuff like that I can't have just in case. Stuff with sesame in it so I am never tempted. That way only Dave has snacks. He has blood sugar issues so he is a snacker! (in that he needs to. Not that he needs to avoid)

In fact I had the "triggers" in every meal that week! We had made a ton of super healthy soups. We had a bunch of tomatoes and onions we were using up so I had lasagna soup, Mexican soup, burrito bowls. It was the week of those foods. By the end of the week no wonder I felt like I was dying. Add to that I was sick and I was a bundle of uncomfortable. I have antibiotics and a list to avoid so fingers crossed!

Why am I talking about this? Not sure. Maybe to tell you I am human, I have issues and problems. I have pains.

PS no I am not celiac. I've been tested every way from Sunday (I've done 4 different types of test total) and done the diet. I even did the genetic testing just to be extra sure.


Normally I like to end on a happy note with a picture of a kitten but this is better don't you think? I figured it was Halloween themed so it was appropriate. How cute are Dave and his sister?!! I love her outfit. I'd totally wear that any day! I wonder if they were going to Six Gun City? (any New Englanders in the crowd?)


Michelle said...

man, i feel ya on the GI pains. and yes, i HAVE ripped off my stockings in a fit of misery in a public bathroom. i'm glad that you're getting to the bottom of the triggers - that stuff can takes years, sometimes a lifetime to get to the bottom of!

love the sailor inspired outfit! what color/brand is the polish? it's so shiny!

byhillary said...

Michelle I don't know if you know my husbands history of his diagnosis. What a nightmare. Took over 20 doctors and over 4 years and countless hospital visits to get his Celiac diagnosis. Haven't been to the conventions everyone has a horror story. Which tells me there aren't enough good gastroenterologists out there!

Lonestarcasie said...

So sorry about you intestinal problems. But I am glad you may have figured out a way to avoid it. :)

byhillary said...

Oh the polish is opi life in the espresso lane

Cassykins said...

So vampy! Glad you at least have an idea why you haven't been feeling well. Between you and Dave, you guys are going to have nothing to eat soon! lol