Friday, September 16, 2011

You are invited by anyone to do anything

IMG_8176 - cuute

Actual items in collage that are mine: Hoodie, purse, perfume, lipstick and boots

My tank is H&M my dress Lands End and Scarf is Target

I didn't get photos right after it was cut. It was raining when I left the salon and after the walk home it not longer was in its Salon glory.


This photo is three months old but its the most recent I can find of the length of my hair. So add 3 months of growth to that and add a bad bangs trim I did this week. (oops)

hair 6.23.11

It doesn't look a ton different. I got a couple inches of the length and she layered my whole head and shaped up my bangs I had hacked in the mirror on Tuesday. There was a large pile of hair on the floor so I assure it's different ;)

These are the photos I brought in for inspiration.


This is the back. (I haven't colored it since the above photo. My hair is just really red in the sunlight)



Any plans for this weekend?

I went the whole week only wearing Black, White, Red and Navy. It was easy and I loved it. I didn't change my purse either! Tuesday I wore jeans and a top but didn't photograph it.

IMG_8176 -9_14_11 outfit9_15_11outfit 9_12_11

Last night Dave and I saw a girl with the BEST arm party going on. I pointed it out and told Dave what that meant. I wanted to punch her and take them. (I could of taken her. I might be short but I'm scrappy> Just ask Elisha R I decked in fourth grade. I had to stand at the fight wall at recess for a week for doing it) Today I had a pretty good one. Not a lot of guest but the ones who showed up were pretty great.



Kasmira said...

The hair looks dynamite! (And now my curiosity over the inspiration pics you posted on flickr is satisfied!)

D'Rae said...

Cute, cute hair! Love that black dress too! How did you get the wave in your hair? Is it natural or did you do something special?

Lonestarcasie said...

I have never heard the term arm party, but I like it. Love the wavy hair. You look very Veronica Lake-y. Have a wonderful weekend!

Megan Mae said...

Awww your hair came out so pretty. It definitely looks like it's got more body/weight lifted.

My plans hopefully include celebrating the other half's birthday, going to see Lion King because I am nerd, and visiting my mom. Overall some good plans, let's just hope me being sick goes away quick.

hillary said...

@kasmira feel free to ask anything! Especially on Flickr!

@meganmae happy birthday other half! And feel better

@d'rae the pic from yesterday of me in denim skirt and polka dot that's my hair naturally with no product or styling it's wavy and on the rare occasion it actually curls on the underside. I did above with a curling iron. I just did maybe 8 to 10 curls. I clamped it halfway up my hair then curled to root. So a half curl.

@lonestar Veronica lake?! I'll take that! Thanks dude!

Cara said...

That hair is just fabulous! And I love how red it is in the sunlight!

Emily B. said...

Eeeeee! I love the new hairs!!!!

Sammie said...

Dplan lyric! Yayy

Alize said...

Your hair looks beautiful and I'm loving the arm party! :) x

hillary said...

@sammie my friend sent it to be on spotify. It has just a terrible beat and the guy is off key and I think that is why I can't stop listening to it on repeat.

Jennoit said...

Awesome hair and a really sweet outfit. Love the scarf belt.

rlutz said...

your hair looks awesome!

Between Laundry Days said...

Your hair looks GORGEOUS!

Heather said...

You are making me want bangs and also I think I want to dye my hair black. I know your hair isn't black but you TRY stuff and that inspires me.

byhillary said...

wait until you see what I am doing tomorrow. hint. I've done it before but I am doing it professionally this time. :)