Sunday, September 04, 2011

Weekend Wearings



This is what I wore on Saturday. We went for a drive and ended up in Salem. It was wicked hot so I am glad I wore breezy layers. This shirt is thin and drapey so it is great in the heat. I wore mySPF 100 too. I love this stuff.

Actual items: Lipstick. This is my favorite red right now. Runaway red from MAC. Tinted moisturizer, Sandals, Shirt (I have the Navy version), Purse, Heart bracelet.

My items: Evil eye from Bill and Bobs, Skirt from Loft, Earrings from Marc Jacobs, Necklace from Forever 21 (note it is almost identical to the Marc one. Think they ripped him off???!)  Sunglasses RX from my eye doctor by Coach. These are almost identical mine are from 2007 though.



Actual: Purse, Sunglasses and Lipstick.

My items: Sandals DSW from 2003, Dress thifted, Bracelet Bill and Bob's, Earrings Target, Ring Marc Jacobs (They are $1 at the store. I have a few colors I love these rings)

I didn't pick out this dress. My sister in law actually did and tried it on and it didn't fit her so she came out of the dressing room and handed it to me and said "I think this will fit you how I wanted it to fit" and it did, so I bought it. (I am a bit more... ahem... *cough* curvy) We don't dress alike at all but we own a LOT of the same clothes. Like a ton. We don't even know the other owns it and we buy it. We show up at holidays and yell I HAVE THAT when the other walks in the room.

Today we went and got fabric and a pattern and Dave is going to make a skirt. I loved one by Madewell and it is long since sold out so we looked in the pattern books for something similar and we are altering to suit what I want. So excited!


Cassykins said...

I love that drapey shirt. Did you find it in store? Straight size clothing always makes me nervous, I prefer to see it to make sure the big size is big enough, lol.

How is Salem in the summer? I went a few years ago around Halloween and it was honestly a little disappointing (all the shops and "exhibits" were closed for some reason) I want to go back with the bf eventually, though.

hillary said...

Little hokey but I love it. Yeah don't go on Halloween I can tell you that. I love the new agey schtuff. I did get shirt instore. Last week of July but I saw it there last week.

Carolyn said...

Ah, I really like that dress. It's a great length & shape on you!

Kristen said...

That red patterned dress is OUTSTANDING. Love the patterns, the boldness, and the neckline is lovely on you.

Lisa said...

That dress is amazing! It looks so good on you. It's interesting that you and your sister in-law have a lot of the same clothes but wear them differently. My best friend and I are like that. We often shop together and buy the same stuff, but you would never know by the way we wear it. I guess it just shows you that style is about how you wear an item. Anyways, sounds like you had a good weekend, and I hope you're enjoying your day off.

Cara said...

I certainly hope you didn't mean "curvy" in a bad way - it looks fabulous on you!

hillary said...

Cara I was trying to say I have bigger chest ;)

Lorena said...

Very cute !
I am going to google "giraffe necklace" :)

Cassykins said...

Found the shirt! I thought I wanted the purple, but didn't like it so much in person (plus they didn't have my size) I didn't want to be toooooo matchy matchy to you, so I got the army green. It's not quite as slouchy on me, but I think I like it.

hillary said...

@cassykins dude I don't care if you copied it all! :)