Monday, September 26, 2011



So I saw this picture on Pinterest. I get weird about inspiration photos. I don't want to come off as copying someone or something but sometimes you see something and you think HUH I never thought of doing something like that. This is one of those times. I didn't try to copy the outfit entirely. I could of but instead I used the general ideas and Hillarified it. I used a mandarin collar with tuxedo pleats on the front instead of a button up. I did a cropped sleeve sweater in a bold pattern. A thin belt instead of a wide one. (the belt and rivets are the exact same color as the ones on my shoes.

side dansko reeny



Sweater and brown skirt NY&Co 2008
Shirt Banana Republic 2009
Shoes Dansko 2011
Pins Gap and no idea....
Belt Target 2011
Earrings I made 2011

How was your weekend?

We went out to lunch and to the beach and an orchard with my inlaws on Saturday. Yesterday we went to iparty. It was my first time in a party supply store. IT WAS AWESOME. Living in a tiny apt no one wants to visit didn't inspire us to decorate because we spent EVERY SINGLE HOLIDAY away from home for the past 12 years. But for my birthday they are coming to us and it is gonna be party decoration tastic. Dave picked it all out. You will have to wait until after this weekend to see but I will tell you he went with an "autumnal but not Halloween" theme. (All my birthdays were always Halloween themed excepet for that one murder mystery party when I was 16 and that was "hippie" themed) I love Halloween but Dave does not. He never liked the costumes and dressing up as a kid. I LOVE IT. OMG I LOVE IT. He doesn't like spooky things. I LOVE IT. He is such a great guy he once for my birthday took me on a Ghost and Gravestones tour. I love that man.


Kasmira said...

Oh, I think I have the same sweater, in gray! I thrifted it this month and wore it, but I tucked the lapels in to make it look more v-necked:

Lisa said...

I love this outfit! The skinny belt looks great with the cardigan. I don't have the right stuff, but if I did I'd probably copy it.

Sounds like a good weekend. I can't wait to see all your birthday stuff. My weekend was good, we went apple picking!

Lorena said...

Oh you Hillarifier !
I loved that new "word" and I think you did quite well :)

Lonestarcasie said...

I LOVE IT. And that lipstick looks great on you. Man, I have to get some leopard print.

Megan Mae said...

I like your interpretation. Sometimes it just takes that inspired photo to get the gears rolling. I also think yours has more visual interest with the pattern and color mixes.

My weekend was pretty good. I had a Lord of the Rings marathon and re-did my henna'd hair. I'm feeling kindof under the weather still, but hey it's Monday now - boo.

I love Halloween. It's been years since I've been able to do anything. I hit the ages where people actively told me "You're too old for this" and stopped going out on those nights. We don't get trick or treaters, and all my friends are off at college (no parties) - so I'm stuck on how to celebrate. Plus Jon isn't really into the holiday either. Your birthdays sound really fun.

freeda said...

Loving this outfit.

Cassykins said...

Love the outfit and your makeup matches perfectly!

Hope your party goes well this weekend! I love going to iParty, especially around Halloween. You can score some cheap accessories (like gaudy fake lashes) for pretty cheap. I was going to check out the party store in our mall on Friday, but then I spent waaaay too much at Old Navy buying new jeans (I was down to 2 pairs, 1 being too small and 1 being covered in glitter nail polish... oops)

Jessica said...

I love the pink shirt with the printed cardi. I really, really like it.

I am a total copy cat. I lack serious creativity which is the total reason I read style blogs. If I see an outfit I like, I want those exact pieces so I can duplicate it. I also have a tendency to undress mannequins in the stores. Ugh. Shame.

Sherry said...

Love this outfit!! You look gorgeous! Great cardigan and flower pin!!! I am loving your blog!!! :)

brittneynikkole said...

That cardigan adds about 147 sassy points to this outfit. I dig it so very much. In fact, I dig it so much I may just have to pay homage to you/it at some point.

And I also love love love love love Halloween. It's the one time a year I can launch full on into my horror obsession and no one bats an eye!

robin said...

This outfit is perfection! You make me want to wear pink, which I normally do not do. Your hair looks so pretty here too!

david said...

Those are really great shoes, not really the typical "dansko".