Thursday, September 22, 2011

Running a little behind. Here is the past three days starting with Wednesday.


MAKEUP 9-21-11



Actual items: Shoes
Inspired: My Cardigan is from NY&co, Jeans Gap, Shirt Target. Bracelets in order, Target, AC Moore, Gift and Gift from Italy! Flower pin H&M.

Dave was a big fan of this outfit. Not sure if it is because he picked out the blouse, I had messy curly hair or I made LOUD clomp clomp noises in these shoes. I walk with authority in them.



It was pouring, I was having issues with my camera. (I like the distance focus is broken. Dave couldn't get it to work either. Up close it is fine)I was uncomfortable in these pants. (Just much more fitted style then I am comfortable with. I was in a shitty mood going to work. I just couldn't get out of my own way.
Then a bunch of us went to the National Braille Press and volunteered for the day and everything changed. It was a great day and we all have a great time assembling a kid's book in braille. I hadn't planned on going it was a last minute addition ( I missed the sign up) but someone was sick so I filled in. I am glad I did it felt great. I normally am weird about talking about things like that. I was raised that you don't talk about the charitable things you do, that is was a huge hush hush thing. My family, they talk about money and politics but never charity. You just do it and never talk about it. But you know I just really wanted to share because it was such a great experience and maybe it will get just one person to get off their ass and donate an hour to SOMETHING that needs you. I know it was helpful for them but I got a lot out of it and I learned so much and sounds like everyone else who went at my work did too.

All actual items. Shirt Target, Jeans Lands End, Shoes Sanita.



and today. Raining again. Oy enough.


Pants Old Navy (they are OLD.) They are striped but it is hard to tell. Shirt Loft, Shoes Clarks
Bracelets, Amazon, Tiffany, Bill and Bob's, Sanrio from the 90's.




Any plans for the weekend?
This weekend we are going apple picking and antique shopping with my inlaws and getting house ready for my birthday party next weekend! (It's before my bday but it was everyone was available)


DaniellaBella said...

Putting braille books together sounds awesome!!

Lisa said...

I love your lipstick in the first picture! I was planning to go apple picking this weekend too (weather cooperating). I hope you have a great weekend.

rlutz said...

Your leopard print cardi is fabulous! Love that first outfit!!
Have a great weekend

Cassykins said...

I may or may not have just gone out and bought trouser jeans because of how awesome they always look on you. I'm scared to try them on, though. They look huuuuuuuuge

LAPT said...

I loooooove your outfits this week! ESPECIALLY your shirt in the second outfit! I want!

Felicity said...

You look absolutely radiant in that 2nd pic! And the red lips+leopard cardi are really fabulous on you!

Michelle said...

the leopard cardi is fantastic! you really do always looks so well thought out and fabulously put together!

byhillary said...

Michelle. Thank you. I honest to god feel like a damn train wreck so it's nice to hear others might not see the things I do? Messy hair. crooked glasses, bad skin, etc....

Michelle said...

hi again, hillary! i posted this on my blog but thought i'd bring it over here too :)

thanks for the comments. i don't think you're impolite in the least :)

the bag is a coated canvas so i can just wipe it down. i've dumped a full venti on it/in it and simply took a roll of paper towels and a bit of tap water and it was good as new. i don't however, take public transport, but i do travel a lot and use the bag on planes, etc. hope this helps! ♥

Charisse said...

I love your socks with shoes thing. I do that ALL the time to be able to wear my cutesy shoes in the colder months!!!

david said...

I wasn't invited to any of those arm parties :(

Heather said...

Thursday - I actually really like those pants on you. The angle of the shot was good but you have to feel comfortable. Also I love this line and I will be using it:
"I just couldn't get out of my own way."
Charity and the things we do to help others is one of the nice things to discuss. It isn't like you are bragging about it and saying how awesome you are because you did it - you are bringing awareness and that is so important. I'm glad you had a good time doing the braille book.