Thursday, September 01, 2011

I told her loving you is my specialty

Camera Roll-1815

I didn't have my tripod yesterday nor a camera so I attempted an always classy bathroom photo to try and get my outfit idea and hair.

Camera Roll-1813

In trying to take a picture of my sock bun I turned the camera around and go stuck in a photo vortex. It was weird Rose and the Doctor was there.

My lipstick but the rest is just similar.
Shoes Nine West - Sock No idea (it is what is in the bun. It really is neon argyle)- Pants Gap - Shirt H&M - Blazer Target

Today I had the small piece of plastic that I call my tripod. (I have to shove credit cards in it to use it. It is super fancy)

9_1_11 with jacket
9_1_11 outfit

My eyeshadow today is probably my favorite color at the moment.

9_1_11 makeup and hair
makeup closed 9_1_11

Steely purple shimmer.

Again that is only my lip stuff rest is inspired.
Shirt Target - Jeans Dojo by 7 for all Mankind in Petite Length (they break different then regulars) Coat Loft - Shoes Clarks - Watch Kenneth Cole

Any plans for this weekend?
I took tomorrow off. Not only to have a 4 day weekend but so I would have 2, 4 day weeks in a row! Dude. I am so smart. (Until in 5 minutes when I screw something up again) No real plans so far. There will be sleeping in. I haven't done that in awhile. The cats have decided they are trading off who is the asshole who wakes us up. The other day I awoke to DAISYBOO nestled in my hair chewing on it. WTF that is so unlike her. She is the good kid. I used a new conditioner and while I never checked the ingredients it could of contained catnip it is organic bullshit stuff I paid too much for. (I am so sick of le tangles) Waffle is famous for attaching a body part that twitched when you are in a deep sleep. She rears up and pounces with all 14 lbs. I can't lock them out because then who would crawl under the covers and cuddle in the middle of the night??? Husband? What? shush.


Cassykins said...

Two very classy and professional outfits in one post? Awesome. Hope you have a great super long holiday weekend! I was off today because I had a dr's appt. and Matt had surgery today (so I wanted to be home just in case his mom called that she needed me to help with anything) This means he'll be recovering all weekend, so no idea what I will be doing with myself.

Lisa said...

Amazing eye shadow! I love that color. That's like the color I've been searching for all my life.

I have a four day weekend too. We plan to see a friend's band and do some hiking and/or biking. I would sleep in but since the arrival of our puppy that really a thing of the past.

Lonestarcasie said...

I have tomorrow off too (thank you awesome boss)! Going camping with the fam this weekend. Very cute outfits. Have a great holiday!

LR @ Magnificent or Egregious? said...

I like the bun hairstyle, that looked great on you, as well as the white blazer.

I can't wait for the long weekend!

brittneynikkole said...

Really like the combination of blue/white polkadot with gray. I may be trying that palette out in the near future. And I'm completely with on you on the kitty cuddles. The husband is nice and all but when it comes to spooning I take the cat every time.

hillary said...

@brittney it's all blue and white but now I wanna do grey! The blazer is white and blue stripes. Im gonna look in my closet to do that!

Megan Mae said...

The bow peeking out of the blazer is so cute!

Love the smokey eye color. And the white blazer is perfectly fitted to you.

My mom's cat, Sammy, really likes to sleep on top of your head. I wake up with headaches from his antics.

I'll be using my 3 day weekend to do homework. School started this week, and one of my classes is only on Mondays so I've put that work off til this weekend.

Cara said...

I love the shirt of the first outfit and the jacket of the second! This weekend, I'm making toss cushions for our new couch which is still about 2 weeks away from arriving. Life without couches is hard!

Between Laundry Days said...

Aah, photo vortex! I just love both of these outfits. So lovely!

And I'm TOTALLY planning to sleep in this weekend. With the move, I feel like I haven't gotten any real rest in weeks, and I'm exhausted!

hillary said...

@cassykins how is the boy?