Tuesday, September 06, 2011



I was feeling the pinks today. I don't have a pink purse or I would of used that too! I like taking a theme to the extreme. I even used pink eyeshadow and a dark red mascara.

Similar: I am not sure that is the exact eyeshadow. Mine if from a kit Clinique had based on their Black Honey lipstick. The eyeliner was from that kit too. The eyeshadow in the kit looks like the first, third and fourth shades of that palette above. The shoes are the same company but mine have brown and pink with flowers. That looks like my purse but mine is purple. My big ring is Marc Jacobs, my round silver is custom made, shirt Banana Republic clearance a couple years ago.

Same: Jeans, Sweater, Silver ring (thin one), Lipstick

makeup 9_6_11

I made my earrings this weekend. Nothing fancy but fit the hole I had imagined in my earring wardrobe.

earrings 9_6_11

I wear it often lately but the bracelet my mom made.


rings 9_6_11

I kinda "made" this silver ring too. By made I mean I said what I wanted and paid someone a lot of money to make it out of an older ring's stone. The large pink one is another of the $1 Marc Jacobs ones I mentioned last week. I have it in 4 colors. (Like my 2 week old Shellac job? Holding strong huh?! Love Shellac)

And you remember these shoes from early summer.

pink and brown bass oxfords

I was so happy to pull them back out again. It doesn't hurt that they share my "name" Matilda. (That has been my online persona since I started online in 1996 when my family got Internet. It is also one my mom's nicknames for me)

How was your weekend?

Ours was nice. Dave spent most of yesterday working on a project I "hope" to debut tomorrow (no pressure hun!) We went for some rides, ate some yummy and one terrible meal. (I got something the other day that I literally could not eat at a vegetarian restaurant. I am sure it was a fine dish but it wasn't for me. Dave described it as "earthy" tasting. I felt so embarrassed but I couldn't choke it down. The waitress kept making a fuss and I just wanted to pay and leave and say nothing. They didn't do anything wrong.) I also started rereading Twilight for the 4th Fall in a row. Judge away. I would. :)


Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

Lovely pink and grey combo, the shoes are darling.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Anonymous said...

Love this sweater - as in just put it in my shopping cart. Awesome outfit all around. :)

Megan Mae said...

Pinks look really cute on you. That purple handbag is to die for. Hope Dave finishes the project! I always feel bad when that happens in restaurants - even worse when the food is fine, it's normally something I like, but I just find I'm not in the mood for it.

As for Twilight - Read what you want. ;D Just like Wendy B's clothing philosophy - if it makes you happy, read it.

hillary said...

Megan. I was being glib (or attempting) I have no shame in my choice of books which ranges from
Trash to teen to vampires sometimes all three genres in one! I just read 9 pretty little liars in a row a few weeks ago.

lawyerdoll said...

The pink blouse is beautiful, and I really like the earrings you made. That bracelet your mom made is so pretty... does she sell them?

hillary said...

@lawyerdoll I wish! She made it when she was in highschool. Her dad and her both took jewelry making at their school.