Wednesday, September 21, 2011



It was crazy overcast so I potatoshopped it a little too far. oops.



Those are my boots and silver bracelet but the rest is inspired. My skirt my mom made - Jacket Target - Ring craft fair - Shirt H&M - Evil eye Bill and Bob's - Giraffe necklace Forever 21 - Earring Marc Jacobs.

I was supposed to post this yesterday and ask if people were planning on watching Glee. But it was on already last night and now the question is late. OK so did anyone watch it? They were quick with the wit last night. Some hilarious lines. I grew up loving musicals and I love a good tween show or book so really it's just the melding of the two for me. It isn't for everyone but that is why there are thousands of shows and channels to choose from!

Did you watch New Girl after? I saw it a couple weeks ago but I rewatched it last night and it was as funny as the first time. But I love Zooey Deschanel. I also Schmidt who was the cop from Veronica Mars,he was the one who has to keep putting money in Douche Bag jar.


Cassykins said...

The giraffes! I love them. I was out last night, so I missed Glee (will be watching it in a billion weeks when FOX uploads it to their site) I was able to catch the pilot of New Girl on On Demand last weekend, though, and loved it. I love Zooey (her singing more so than her acting, but the show is still awesome)

grace said...

Really love your hair in this post. It looks fantastic.

Michelle said...

i LOVE this skirt that your mom made - soooo fun!!

i used to be a big gleek and then, i don't know, i just stopped watching. i think i've only seen the first season. we have the new girl on our dvr but haven't gotten around to watching it. i too ♥ zooey so i'm sure it will at least get a few viewings :)

Lisa said...

Love the giraffes and the skirt!

Cara said...

I love how long it took for me to realize it was potatoshop... hee hee!

spygrl1 said...

LOVE that skirt!

I watched Glee -- my favorite part was Kurt and Rachel in the car, realizing their dreams might be difficult to achieve and committing themselves to going for it.

I'm skipping The New Girl because that's when I switch over to the CW to watch "Buffy" as "The Ringer." Although I haven't decided if that show is any good yet.

byhillary said...

michelle we came into the game late. Dave was in school the first few seasons so we got them on DVD and caught up.

thanks everyone!

Lonestarcasie said...

Giraffes are cute. I like em! You seem to have a beautiful family crafted stash of skirts. Lucky girl.