Thursday, September 15, 2011

9.14.11 and 9.15.11

Remember last week I said how I avoid long skirts because I don't find them flattering where they hit on the leg. Yeah that's how I feel in my new skirt if I am not wearing boots apparently. I haven't worn my Dankso Mary-Janes with a skirt or dress in two years because of a one off not too nice commenter. (they did a drive by. Made two horrific comments and disappeared) Pair skirt length that makes me uneasy with "unflattering" shoes and dude I am unhappy camper today. I love this skirt but WITH BOOTS. Too hot for that today. I should of waited.


That is my natural texture of hair. Some days it's actual curls, some days it is just a wavy mess. It was still damp this morning so I just left it. Something I NEVER do. I always alter it somehow. (I did flat iron my bangs) I never let it air dry and leave it either. I did it once a couple weekends ago and didn't like it so I put it up half way through day. Know what that tells me. TIME FOR A CUT. Nothing drastic, I'm not ready for that yet.

9_14_11 outfit

Yesterday's outfit. Not intentionally but I have worn a version of black, white and red everyday this week. Must be reading all 4 Twilight books in a week. The cover images are seeping into my brain.

9_14_11 detail

You never get to see my makeup "fresh" so I took a picture in my bedroom as soon as I finished yesterday. I look a little wild eyed in the flash but it is dark in the house that early in the morning.


So I started doing my own "Shellac" manicures. This is Gelish though.


I am not going to review it. I'll be honest and say it isn't for everyone I hate sitting in a salon and paying someone else to do it so I decided to try it myself. In the past I have reviewed things I think are easy and even my arthritic 82 year old gram can do and I get a lot of comments from people who buy it and it "didn't work for them" and I feel bad (and sometimes they are kinda insistent about it). I don't know why it doesn't work for you. I feel bad you bought it cause of me. So yeah. That said, last night my 82 year old gram called to tell me she went and bought the lamp and the UV topcoat and her nails looked wonderful. So there you have it. ARTHRITIC GRAM DOES OWN UV COAT. Everything you need to know about what I did is here. It is easy, but it is also fussy and takes time. I wish you could see the holographic purple shimmer on top. It is really neat and doesn't show in photos at all.

How is your week shaping up?

I am ready for the weekend. We need to finish unpacking the spare bedroom we have dumped stuff in because we will have guests next weekend and then my entire family and Dave's (except for my mom) is coming the following weekend for my BIRTHDAY PARTY! I've never had one at my house so I am excited. By entire family I think there is 8 of us but still that is more than I have ever had in my apartment, well except for that one time in college but we don't talk about that night. (It involved cops banging on my door looking for my awful roommates friend. NOT COOL)


I forgot the collage I made for today!

Actual: shoes, makeup, purse and perfume

Similar items: My dress is Target, my hoodie track jacket Forever 21.


Michelle said...

i REALLY love the "fresh" makeup look - the eyeliner is perfect.

i do love the skirt but would agree that boots (perhaps with a little heel?) would look really great with it. either way, you always look so put together - eff. the haters :)

hillary said...

These have 2 inch heels but I think I need more. I wore flat boots last week with it. I think the boots helps cause they have a line across my leg to create more flattering look. I wonder if tall socks would do that without looking stupid....

Cassykins said...

I hope I didn't make you feel bad when I said I couldn't figure out the Konad stamper. I did buy it because of you, but I don't hold a grudge because I couldn't figure it out. I do hold a grudge against my brain, but that's for many reasons and not just nail stamping!

I didn't realize you were a September birthday, too. Yay September babies!

hillary said...

Cassy I am an October baby. Sorry

Did you ever send me 83492 emails about why you couldn't get it to work? If not then you are all set!

Cassykins said...

Early October is acceptable. Matt is late August, so I just lump him in with awesome September babies too, lol.

And I promise not to send you 83492 emails about -anything- I don't think I can even count that high.

Stacey said...

I think the skirt is really cute with both the boots and the ones you have on. I do not think they are unlfattering at all. You look FAB!!

hillary said...

Cassy I dont mind the questions. Hell I Iike it. I don't like the guilt when I have no idea what's wrong and the people kinda act like I did something. I am no expert in anything!

EvaNadine said...

gosh , i hope youre not talking about me with Konading -- i remember we exchanged a few emails when you were helping me get it all figured out. but it DOES work for me now! yay! (just not with ALL of my polishes, but thats totally ok)

regardless of things not working for other people, i still like youre reviews. :)

hillary said...

No way dude. These people weren't blog commenters. Konad only works with I'd say 1/5 my polishes too. Just rude people demanding answers without manners. I also informed them of this. I'll tell you if you piss me off. No worries ;)

IrishRedRose said...

I gotta tell you. You and I are kinda "lower leg twins"--they are really similar, trust me. And I have always loved that length of skirt on me. Dunno about yours, but my just-above-da-knee is chubby; below is a-ok, though. I feel that this length shows the curve of my calf nicely, which in turn emphasizes my nice ankles. I believe it does the same for you. That skirt is pretty perfect, in fact--not TOO long. So, I think you look great there, seriously. I'm not just being nice ;-) Skirt lengths go up and down and right now, around or just above the knee is "in". In the 90s, midcalf was "in" LOL. (Or longer! ugh from Shortyville here.) So ya know, it's all variable with regard to popular taste; but yeah--this is excellent on you. I love the b/w/red color scheme too!!

hillary said...

I've never looked at my legs as chubby. Definitely above the knee is not. I have THIGHS but that's not the same. I always thoughti had nice normal knees which is why I hate the length. Slow those puppies off

Megan Mae said...

I think those shoes look really cute. Maybe I'm weird, I really like shoes with details on the ankle. That skirt I think hits at just the right place on your calf.

While not a twi-fan, I do appreciate some good inspiration. That's pretty awesome. I'm planning a Harry Potter reading marathon over either fall break or Thanksgiving break.

Lonestarcasie said...

I love your red, black and white outfit. I don't know if I have said it before, but I have red shoe envy. I am on the hunt for the ultimate perfect pair. Your sandals are surely cute. I know about the spare room thing. We call it the asshole of the house in my family. Sometimes the asshole moves, but every house has an asshole. :)

Between Laundry Days said...

I'm sorry you're an unhappy camper, but I kind of love the new skirt with the MJs! Let those dang drive-bys go to hell. :)

Cara said...

What about a shoe without an ankle area strap? It would give you an inch or two more leg? I just don't want to believe that skirt can't be worn with everything!

Sharon Gaye said...

I think the skirt looks really pretty with those shoes. I don't think that length is unflattering at all but I know sometimes it's how an outfit makes you feel not really how it looks that is the deal breaker.

Teresa Kulupka said...

i have trouble with skirt lengths below the knee too, but it can be flattering with a heel. eff the haters, i'm a HUGE fan of chunky mary janes with ANYTHING.