Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I know some of you have been wondering who the blogger Dave and I were meeting up with on Friday was. If you read her blog you may already know....


Kasmira from What I Wore 2day!

I can't express how much I liked her (and not sound like fan girl). Dude she is AWESOME. She was totally hilarious. I get so scared before I meet anyone. Sometimes I stay scared and make a fool of myself (well I still might of) but she was so easy to talk to! I met her online a little over 4 years ago on Wardrobe Remix on Flickr. I have followed her blog since the first month she started it. I think I yelled "OMG it's you!" when I first saw her.

This photo sums up how the evening was going. Lots of laughing.


(Those cupcakes are from the new place Cakeology that was opened by a winner of an episode of Cupcake Wars)

On to today's outfit

outfit 9_12_11

Dress that annoying drop waist one from Target. (It would be perfect if it had a normal waist. Do any curvy girls out there like drop waists or am I alone in my hatred?)

9_12_11 with sweater
scary makeup 9_12_11
Yes that is sideways on purpose.

On Saturday we went to my grandmother's in New Hampshire. We also went and saw my dad and his lady friend.

Gram insisted on trying on my skirt. (see her pants peeking out)

Gram trying on skirt Dave made me. See her capris hanging out

oh and my shoes.

Gram trying on my wooden clog heels.

and we got her an ice cream like pop always did.

Ice cream with gram

Actual items: Perfume, Silver Necklace

My items: Shoes Clarks - Ring Dave made - Bracelets H&M and one from high school - Beads Katie's from 60's - Sweater Target -
How was your weekend?


Kasmira said...

I think that second pic was taken right after I pretended to lick the cupcakes. I heart frosting!

Cassykins said...

Lol your Gram. I wish mine were more fun like that. (I love my grandma, but she's not necessarily the "fun" grandma... though she did karaoke at my cousin's grad party)

Totally with you on your drop-waist dislike. My waist is actually non-existent (which is to say it's one in the same with my under-bust) I tried a drop-waist item on exactly once and never again.

meegiemoo said...

Totally jealous about the Kasmira meet up! Looks like you guys had bunches of fun. =)

Lonestarcasie said...

Love your Gram! It is like Sisterhood of the Traveling Skirt- everyone looks good in it. :)


Teresa Kulupka said...

i'm a big hater or drop waisted stuff too, it's just not flattering and i always feel like a sausage. that skirt is so great. i've had a terrible time finding nice skirts since i 'grew out of' all my nice ones :(

Lorena said...

Just yesterday I saw Kasmira's blog and realized you two had met :)
I am totally in love with your grandma - she reminds me of my own.

Megan Mae said...

Love Kasmira! Sounds like you two had a bunch of fun. Giggling at your Gram. She looks great in the skirt! Love your bright pink accessories on the black and white dress.

Lynn W said...

Love the argyle with the floral. Glad you had a fun meetup!

freeda said...

Hate drop waists. Love your outfit, though, and love granny and Kasmira!

Between Laundry Days said...

OhEmGee such fun! I'm glad you and Kasmira had such a good time! :)

Jennoit said...

Very cool to meet Kasmira! You both always look so sharp and pulled together.

Michelle said...

i loathe the dropwaist on me. i haz curves.

that said, it looks pretty on you and i really like how you accessorized it all and brought the argyle in for a bit of pattern mixing!