Sunday, August 28, 2011

Zucchini fold ups

I had intended on calling these Zucchini rolls ups but then they didn't roll. I had never made this before but thought why not take photos of my first attempt. I got this "recipe" by eating Burton's Grill version a half dozen times and asking Dave what he thought they did. One time I said to the waiter "what is in the middle of these?" Alouette!!

fold ups


Sliced Zucchini
Chunky marinara
Alouette cheese (Trader Joe's doesn't carry it but regular grocery stores do)
Parmigano Reggiano (Any cheese would work I just like the taste of this)
Crushed Chex (You could use bread crumbs but they we need something GF and they tend to be too expensive and Chex is a cheap and easy and readily available alternative)

storm 006

Peel and slice the zucchini and then spread the cheese along it. I think you should wipe the zucchini off a little first because it was hard to spread on it wet.

storm 009

Fold up the zucchini and place them in a pan with tomato sauce in it.

storm 012

Pour more tomato sauce onto and sprinkle some bread crumbs and cheese. ( I also added garlic and oregano)

storm 011

storm 014

Place in 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes or until they are tender and browned.

It isn't the prettiest dish ever but it is one of the tastiest ever! 


Megan Mae said...

Sounds delicious. My suggestion is to try both slicing thinner and blanching ever so slightly (or microwaving for a super short amount of time) to get the zuke a little bit 'limp'. That'll help it roll.

hillary said...

We tried three different thicknesses and they all did the same. It was just an old zucchini. When we make out faux lasagna usually it isn't a problem.

DaniellaBella said...

That looks so delicious I can't even tell you!

bitca said...

ooo...I am so going to make that for dinner tonight!!!

Beck, At Her Best said...

That looks awesome. I love finding new stuff to do with zucchini