Thursday, August 11, 2011


The very nice people behind Brilliance asked me to check out their site and let you all know a little bit about them. On their site you can purchase loose diamonds ,  diamond engagement rings and other fine jewelry. They are based out of Boynton Beach, Florida. The name says it all their stuff is.. Brilliant!

Here are the things I found that are ringing my bell.

wishlist jewelry

My wedding band broke and I have been unsure what to do and have been on the look out for a reasonably priced substitute. My original band was 1920's vintage and inexpensive and they aren't sure it is fixable. It will cost to just have them attempt to repair it. I really love the above flat plain band. The other one matches my ring more but I really like the unusual shape of the flat one.

Lets talk about THOSE EARRINGS!! I have a bezel cut birthstone ring and those earrings are just a bit of a fun twist on a classic. While I was at it I thought I'd add the necklace and make it a set.

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Anonymous said...

So sad about your wedding ring. :(

I really like the unusual look of the flat band too.

Lynn W said...

I like the flat one too! We just upgraded our sets (mine was also falling apart) for our 20 year anniversary and I got a princess cut bridge setting engagement ring. I've been hoping to find a wedding band with sapphires or rubies to go with it, but not having any luck getting the proportions right. It has this flat edge to it, so this plain band might be a good solution until I can get a custom band done (maybe for our 25th?). Thanks for posting!