Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday stylings

 8.20.11 outfit

Been meaning to post this all week, last Saturday's outfit. We went to Ikea to pick up a rug for our bedroom.


Those are my actual sandals, lipstick and purse.

But my dress is Gap from 2007. Teal bracelets from a coworker, Horse shoe from Target, Necklace from Avon, Earrings from a craft fair (But aren't those strawberries from Forever 21 above SO CUTE?)

8.20.11 dave

It took literal begging but I got Dave to pose. He wasn't pleased but he did do it. But he looks so handsome and the hat is brown with blue that matches the blue shirt and brown shorts and blue sneakers. What is there to not love? I even made him a collage.

His shoes and hat are from Target, Shorts Kohls and he thinks the shirt was Target but doesn't remember. (I am not about to go through the seas of plaid in his closet to confirm.)

and some kitten photos from last weekend. I was in the bedroom taking makeup photos next to the door and of course that meant everyone had to be in there to see what I was doing. Waffle used Dave to spring up to the door and i had the camera in hand already.


She never just sits still she is all over the door and she isn't a small cat (she is 50% bigger than Daisyboo) less than 10 seconds later I caught her when she fell. I wonder what goes on when I am not around., No wait no I don't I see the crashed items when I get home.

Oh and yes we did get a rug.

storm 043

(that is Daisyboo above) Waffle thinks the rug is the best thing ever and it is COVERED in kitten track marks. She isn't scratching it but she is running her nails along it over and over. It must feel good on her toes.


Megan Mae said...

I love both your outfits. You two are coordinated in a way that "goes". I think it's great when bloggers share their s/o's wardrobe too. Especially since I'm trying to teach my own that gaming tee shirt and jeans aren't the end all to fashion.

I like the tiffany blue cami with the chambray dress.

Also yay for kitty pictures. Waffle sounds a lot like my Mom's cat Spike. He's very large but still believe he's little and climbs everything. Cute new rug! I can see why they love it.

Melrose said...

loving your strawberry accessories :)

grace said...

We're rug twins! I have the same one in my closet/dressing room.

Lonestarcasie said...

Waffle has ninja-like reflexes (for short spurts of time). Nice!

Jessie said...

LOVE the Waffle photo. Dave gets a thumbs up for posing :)