Tuesday, August 09, 2011

An outfit and some organization.

I am back to normal schedule now at work and am not getting in early anymore so I didn't have time for an outfit photo yesterday. I liked what I was wearing so I attempted it at 6pm a good 11 hours later than I usually take them. I know why too, makeup isn't fresh, hair gets a bit messy and WRINKLES.

I tried the porch again. I left my damn tripod at work. I balanced it on Dave's ornamental gas can he bought as a gift and am willing to bet money will keep for himself.

Last Import-13

Too dark so I tried my bedroom. I assumed OH HEY I can crop them. But I had company.

Camera Roll-93

They follow me around when I get home. I should of known. Right after this picture Waffle pulled the camera down off the ledge and smashed it on the floor with the LENS OUT.

I sat the camera back up walked back over and this was the very next picture.

Camera Roll-94

She went from pulling camera down to lounging in oh .5 seconds. I didn't even know she was there until I uploaded the pics.

Since those didn't all work how I planned I decided I'd show some of the organization I have been working on.

My jewelry. Some may know this but I used to make jewelry. At points in my life I have had online businesses, sold in stores, to friends and did the craft fair circuit. Between that and the impressive collection of costume jewelry pieces I inherited, soI have a lot of stuff to store. The hard part was seeing and using what I had. I think I found good solutions.

For the bangles I simply put them in a box standing up in my drawer.

Last Import-22

I put my rings in a small pyrex in the same drawer and all the odd little bits in a bin as well. I put all my little bags in between the bins.

Last Import-24

For earrings I got these great boxes at the Container Store.

Last Import-23

I have a bigger one for bigger beaded items as well. I have a small one for travel too. I think they were like $5 for the big one under $2 for the small one.

Then all my necklaces live on this belt hanger also from the Container Store. I organized each ring by colors. I love all the plastic beads I got from my step gram Katie.

Last Import-25

I love these boxes so much I got some for my samples.

I hoard samples of all kinds

When I take off my rings I shove them on my bunnies on top my bureau.

That La Mer box doesn't have product in it. I take boxes to store things. I have a delicate big necklace that lives in there so it doesn't get crushed. I keep small trinkets in the cupcake. Things with no better home.

I don't have any fancy jewelry and if I did I might store them in a more special way. Most my stuff is plastic and fake. My "good" stuff I wear all the time and don't take it off.


Lab geek said...

Every time I see your grey ikea rug I want to go home. We have the same one in our living room.
Your cat Waffles seems to be similar in attitude to our Mr Mumps. He goes from Mumps the destroyer to Mumps the lounger in a mere second.

Cassykins said...

I'm glad your camera seems to be OK! That's exactly what happened with mine (Teddy pulled it off my dresser while the lens was still open) and I had to spend $100-something to get the lens put back on track. Ugh, but glad it wasn't worse.

Also, love that I'm not the only one who hoards perfume samples. You have even more than me! It's basically all I use, I only have a couple of full-sized

Lonestarcasie said...

Waffle is cracking me up. His look of perfect nonchalance is very convincing. "Me, oh I have been here all along. You are getting very sleepy. I control your mind..."

hillary said...

Waffle is a little girl. That's why their blog is called "the girls" :)


Waffle McButterpants

Waffle is amazing at that "oh i didn't do that I was just here chilling." look.

Lisa said...

I like when the kitties make a guest appearance. Waffle looks so completely innocent, you'd have no idea she could ever cause trouble.

The earring organizer is so awesome. I think I'm going to the Container Store . . . like now.

Bri said...

I bought the same belt hanger at Bed Bath and Beyond, but I'm actually using it for belts. If only I had that many necklaces. :)

I love your jewelry organization.

hillary said...

Forever 21 and yardsales! They are great for necklaces $5 and under. All my beads were stepgrams. She had an impressive collection from 50s on.

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

Waffle is such a star, she had to participate. I have some similar storage strategies and issues, but I haven't tried a belt hanger... must do.

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Megan Mae said...

What is up with cats and cameras? My mom's cats can be ignoring me all day but if I break out the camera they both rush up and start sniffing it and trying to chew the hand strap. I have a couple of those divider things for jewelry and pen/marker storage. I wish I had space for more because they're great.

Brigita said...

Wow, you are really organized!
After reading this, I'm not sure I want a cat anymore. :D I would freak out, if something happened with my camera!

stop by my blog
xx Brigita

hillary said...

A camera is repairable. The Companionship, happiness and sheer joy my cats provide is priceless. Best decision I ever made was to get my girls.
Let's be honest. I'm more likely to break the camera than they are! ;)

Jessie said...

Love the pink pyrex dish in the last picture!