Monday, August 22, 2011

An outfit and a couple mini reviews


I got exactly one photo today before I got caught. I was very embarrassed.


This is another outfit entirely made with items that are a few years old.
My items:
Dress and shoes and sweater Target
Necklace Marc by Marc Jacobs
Earrings craft fair
Belt from H&M. I haven't seen another belt like this in awhile. I got this about 8 years ago You can get a buckle on Amazon though and make your own.

I prefer the look above a little more than my own. I never liked how big the neck opening on this dress is. I know about a million bloggers have this same grey dress or the teal one. I like how it looks on others and I never think twice about it but I feel very exposed in it. I think maybe cause keeping the bra straps hidden is an all day thing.


My toes are "Mermaid Tears" by OPI and a coat of "Boom Boom Pow" by Deborah Lippmann. My nails are just "Boom Boom Pow". It is pretty fantastic eh? My friend gave it to me yesterday and it has 24 Karat gold in it. I feel like my nails are pimped out now. I put some on over my couple week old pedicure and it looks like I just had them done again. (That is my not so little secret to prolong manicures)


For my lips I am wearing a Sugar Sprinkles Funnel Cake lipgloss by Philosophy

It is quite great. Soft pink, hardly sticky at all. Leave lips soft and subtle shimmer. OH AND IT SMELLS SO GOOD. Everything by them is pretty accurately named. Never a mystery.

Oh a small aside. I always knew them as jimmies. I was in high school before I heard people call them sprinkles.

How was your weekend?
We went to Ikea which is a most the day affair. We only ended up getting a rug for the bedroom. Still haven't found one for the dining room which we really need (it is in our lease! 50% floor coverings)Sunday we had a meetup with a Flickr friend who was in town from California! This was the second time we got to see her. This time she has a baby. The cutest baby ever too. Yesterday was my Wardrobe Remix 5th anniversary actually. I met so many amazing people from there. Many of you!


Cara said...

If bra straps are the concern, I may have a solution! Yes, there are safety pins, but those are always difficult to line up. If I remember correctly, Dave's more of a sewer than you, so maybe recruit him for this! Crochet a chain that's 1-2" long, stitching one end to the inner seam along the top of the shoulder. On the other end, attach a snap, with its other half attached along the same seam as the end of the chain. Then, put the dress on, slide the chain under the bra strap and snap! No poke-y pins, no shifting straps!

cwhf said...

Hehe, I never heard them called jimmies til I was 19 and had moved to Missouri from Mississippi. They were always sprinkles, but honestly, Southern bakers are not nearly as fond of the jimmies as midwestern ones in my experience.

I love that grey dress on you but I relate to the big neckline/bra battle, it's no fun.

Weekend---saw a movie (The Help, not bad, book is better but my MIL loved the movie more), puttered alot, did laundry, caught up on DVR (I love The Closer, Rizzoli and Isles and Drop Dead Diva as well as the new WNTW).

No Guilt Fashion said...

Love that pedicure. Boom Boom Pow is a great polish, and now I have to find a cheaper alternative.

hillary said...

no guilt


Lisa said...

I love that polish! That's such a good idea to put a sheer glitter over an existing manicure to extend it. I'm making a mental note of that right now.

Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

I also call them jimmies.

Hate/love/hate dresses like that. Safety pins can be a PITA, I like the idea above about the chain, can also do with scrap ribbon that comes on so many random things these days. I have even basted it in the middle and tied the strings in a bow around bra strap when I don't have a snap. :)

Lonestarcasie said...

I just bought some nail polish in a color like the mermaid stuff. I keep seeing that color around and thinking how cute it is. For No Guilt Fashion, I can't remember the brand, but I got it at Target and it wasn't very expensive.

Megan Mae said...

Love the polish and the double cherries today.

Mrs. Miscellanea said...

I love, love, LOVE that Boom Boom Pow!