Monday, August 08, 2011

Our weekend.

We had a nice quiet weekend. Worked on unpacking the rest of our stuff, finally getting a damn shower curtain.


We were gifted from my dad and his lady friend with this amazing curtain. It's peach to plum ombre but it is hard to photograph. (this is after me trying to steam it with a POS hand held steamer. I burned myself and decided that I was no longer keeping it. There was lots of swearing)

I had so much clutter in our tiny last 2 apartments the past 10 years that I like having virtually clean surfaces in this place. The bathroom sink for one.


I found it a little too bare so I slapped the doilies under everything. Thanks again Becky! They are so handy! (also soak up little water puddles!)
I got the soap and lotion at Target this weekend. I LOVE THEM. The pottery is from my dad again.


Space is at a super premium in our bathroom, we don't even have a medicine cabinet. I moved all my makeup into the bedroom and under the sink I put labeled plastic drawers for everything. For all the over flow I used a basket I had and a nice box from my dad and his lady friend. (They always give gifts in boxes so you don't waste paper. LOVE IT) I have all my headbands, flowers and bit hair bits in the box. I believe I got the TV tray on the side of the road but I don't remember anymore.

We also went to a farm and got some great stuff. Dave made homemade pizza yesterday. He made the sauce and used fresh mozarella it was mighty tasty. We also got some corn.

I put out my new pillows on the porch too. Gram made them with fabric I got at Joann's.

Gram made some pillows out of fabric I found for the porch glider.

My view from the glider.


oh and I had my first(in 16 years) driving lesson!


I did well. I think asking my SIL to teach me lit a fire. He pulled into this parking lot with out warning and had me drive. I think so I couldn't chicken out. I guess he had been scouting locations online all weekend. I have a hard time with backing up, well mentally not so much physically. I don't know why but I want to turn the wheel the wrong way EVERY TIME. I only bumped a cone once and it was backing up. Not bad for my first time out.

How was your weekend?


grace said...

Yay for your new place! I love the seat cushions.

Lisa said...

1) That is the most amazing shower curtain I have ever seen.

2) Those cushions are awesome. Your Gram is a talented lady.

3) Good luck with the driving lessons! I've had my license for 10 years, but recently I've been learning how to drive stick . . . it's very slow going.

hillary said...

I've had my license almost 17 years.... Scary huh. :)

Chalkdust and Boots said...

Hillary, I was supposed to have my first driving lesson today! EVER. I'm one of those classic NY kids who never learned to drive because I never thought I'd need it. Nine years in Philly solidified it. Then...we moved to New England. Anyway, my husband wants a car really badly (he drives), so we're planning to do some easy lessons together in some abandoned field in Sparta. We'll, um, see how it goes.

Cassykins said...

Good thing you don't live too close, I would be stealing that shower curtain immediately. I need a new one, mine is a little mucked up with henna from my hair (which looks like poop, so I probably should change my curtain asap)

I didn't realize you had your license! Does that mean you drove before and you're just out of practice? For some reason I thought you were license-free. Good luck with it! My advice is practice looking over your shoulder with just your head. That was my hardest thing, I kept looking with my whole body and would veer the car into the next lane when I just meant to -check- the next lane.

hillary said...

Long story but in summation. I did drivers ed at my highschool and we had a track, never did road. Mom refused to let me drive, moved to college didn't need to, moved to big city didn't need to. Now in burbs and Sick of people telling me to honestly. People IRL are down right nasty about it.
I just kept renewing it all these years.

That said if I was 16 now mom totally would of taught me.

Cassy I have a plastic liner in there too. It's a disgustingly over priced curtain. I'll say it. But it was a gift.... Eek.

Megan Mae said...

Congrats on the driving! I still don't have my official license, but I keep renewing my permit. Hope it keeps going well!

Love the new curtain and those pillows! How cute.

Lonestarcasie said...

Ruffly curtain is a delight. Driving (while very useful) is often not a delight, but congrats on parallel parking genius. Only one cone down is pretty good. Why is it that cats can do anything and look cute on film? Me licking a corn cob would look doofy at best and porn-esque at worst. Kitty looks A-Door-A-Bull :)

Cara said...

Hopefully the steam of the shower means you never have to steam that shower curtain again! It's fabulous, and I'd hate for it to go to waste because it's finicky!

Your house pics are making me itchy to get to our new place and start decorating. I did browse the thrift stores today for old 70s sheets to make into pillows for our living room. I love vibrant pillows, especially yours!

hillary said...

Lonestarcasie I didn't even Begin to try parallel parking!! Straight and angled parking only!

Cara the steamer! I got rid of the steamer! God no I wouldn't give up the curtain! I stalked this thing for 3 months!

laniza said...

I had my eye on the blue version of your shower curtain. It is expensive, but oh so pretty :)!

Juani said...

I am totally,deeply in love with that shower curtain.It makes something that I hate (I would much prefer a shower door) look really amazing.

Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

My sister just bought the same shower curtain! Great minds think alike!