Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Nover Scocher

As you probably noticed I went MIA for almost two weeks. Dave, his entire family and myself spent 9 days journeying around Nova Scotia Canada.


We stayed at a beautiful house outside Halifax in Sambro Head. It was a an action packed week and I now need a vacation to recover! :) 14 hour driving to get there. (12 plus 2 up to NH from MA and of course it took even longer than that) I don't drive so I was passenger but I do now have plans for my SIL to teach me to drive! Dude she is like Zen driving master. I have never seen someone so relaxed behind the wheel but in total control. (She is a pediatrician though so patience comes with the territory?)

Between all us there are hundreds of photos but who really likes looking at other people's vacation photos? (I don't honestly! Not even my own usually.)

Just a few.

We went to see tidal bore. I say skip it. Go see the cliffs and tides in the Bay of Fundy instead. We spent a good hour like this waiting.


But the view while we waited was spectacular. The clouds looked like you could pinch them and take a bite.

I felt like you could just grab the clouds and eat them

The tidal bore itself was rathar boring. (slaps knee)


We also ate at the Wooden Monkey in Halifax. If you are ever in the city GO THERE.

Camera Roll-2419

We hit some thrift stores, did some of this...

Camera Roll-2477

and hit up a hibachi place! That is my father in law chopping an egg midair.

Camera Roll-2444

There was an epic game of Settlers of Catan. By epic I mean I fell asleep with my head leaning on the wall and no one noticed. ha. I love the game though. I was just exhausted. I knew I wasn't going to win playing with an accountant, architect and doctor. I am an only child. I didn't grow up playing games. I BLOW. I've made peace with that. :P

Camera Roll-1458

We went on a whale watch in the Bay of Fundy. Did we see whales? Not only did we see one but a humpback whale cuddled up with the boat.

Camera Roll-1517


We started the day off with one layer.

Camera Roll-1485

Added another,


and I don't have a picture but I am sure someone does of the next layer. Let say I didn't pack well. I thought it would be much warmer.

Camera Roll-1525
The "kids" went to an Arcade Fire concert. (kids!! we are all in our 30s!) They don't look related at all do they?

Camera Roll-1535

We went on an amphibious boat tour. Which is a GREAT way to see a water based city.

We did a lot of fun stuff. More than I can type and keep readers! Nova Scotia is a beautiful place. Amazing, majestic and CLEAN. People are insanely nice, accommodating and very allergy friendly. (We had FOUR celiacs in the group.) They ate like kings. Most places were fresh, organic and local food and everything was amazing.

canada has this wonderful thing everywhere called the Butter Tart. I call it heaven on a plate

OH and why did no one ever tell me about Butter Tarts????

You Canadians were holding out on me. I am 1/4 French Canadian but I had never had one. It is a better version of pecan pie minus the pecans.

Camera Roll-1518

I had this amazing grilled cheese that had an unpronounceable cheese sauce.


(Oh and can I say I LOVED the real sugar soda there. No corn syrup to be had. They ask at the border if you have any guns, drugs or corn syrup)

And now that I am back in my homeland, and the cigarette butt filled street of the good ol' US of A things are back to normal. I even took an outfit photo!

Camera Roll-1586

Not sure why but I felt kinda sassy this morning. I blame it on the week of no coffee and lack of sleep. I find myself humorous when I am tired.

Dress Gap 2002?
Shoes Dansko Sissy 2009
Necklace Marc by Marc Jacobs Shop it to Me 2009
Scarf H&M 2010

Ha. I wish I hadn't done these with my phone because it could of been actually funny.

Camera Roll-1588
Camera Roll-1582
Camera Roll-1590
Camera Roll-1578
Camera Roll-1579

My hair was a snarl ball this morning so I faked a bun and slicked the top.

Camera Roll-1546

And how have you all been my lovelies? Catch me up on the pack few weeks!


Megan Mae said...

Woo glad to see you back. Sounds like you had a fun vacation.

It's been hot and hotter. If it doesn't cool down soon my outfit photos may not contain clothes. Or me. Just a glaring picture of the sun.

meegiemoo said...

Holy shit, you were in my city! and I was at the Arcade Fire concert! Too bad I'm such a lurker or I would have shown you around.

I work 1 block from the Wooden Monkey, across from the town clock. So weird!

Hope you enjoyed my little province.

Cara said...

Butter tarts are a Canadian thing? I'm sorry I didn't share the butter tart love, then! I am obsessed with them. In fact, when I had H1N1 a year and a half ago, they were the only thing I would/could eat.

I love the cherry watch - it just completes the whole look!

hillary said...

I'd heard of it before in a song but never seen one before. The Wikipedia says it's Canadian.

Cassykins said...

Totally loving the sass! Welcome back =)

I don't think you missed much aside from a couple of episodes of Hell's Kitchen and The Challenge : Rivals. No, I don't live by tv...

Lynn W said...

Love the whale video and the cherry necklace!

DaniellaBella said...

Looks like you had a brilliant time! Butter tarts are seriously one of my favourite things. I went to New Brunswick a few years ago and discovered Sugar Pie which is along the same lines and equally good! And I love that sassy sash in your outfit photo!!

D'Rae said...

So glad you had a wonderfu time! I missed you and your posts while you were vacationing!

I really loved your outfit photos today! They rocked!

Teresa Kulupka said...

welcome back! your vacation looks like lots of fun. i'm always amazed by whales, BIG FISH.

did i miss what that glitter polish is? i bought some by sally hansen but i made a hot mess out of it.

Kasmira said...

O, Canada! So lovely. I bet the cool weather was a welcome change!

Glad to have you back!

hillary said...

Teresa deborah Lippmann happy birthday. I saw a knock off at cvs the other day though don't remember who made it.

seb.nehrbass said...

I love your red lipstick! Where did you snag it from?!

seb.nehrbass said...

I love your shade of lipstick. Where did you snag that beautiful shade of red?!

hillary said...

I feel like an ass saying this. I bought it over 6 months ago before I knew this company wasnt cruelty free. I'm using up what I have and won't repurchase I won't give them the free advertising but if you'd like you can email me. Or I'd gladly reccomend a similar one at any price point that is cruelty free. (today's post I'm wearing f bomb by urban decay)