Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Boy you got my heartbeat runnin' away


Have you noticed sometimes lately I add a purse? It distracts my arm! Dude why didn't I think of this before. Less awkward turtles posing. (notice I said LESS. It still is awkward even after 5 years)

hair detail 8.24.11
ring 8.24.11
earring 8.24.11
blazer and necklace detail 8.24.11

My items
Blazer Target 2007
Ring and earrings Marc by Marc Jacobs 2010
Bangles Same company as above but they are different ones
Shirt H&M 2003
Polish Fedora Shellac
Necklace I got it in a cafe in Nova Scotia it was seeds and paper beads by women in Rwanda
The lipstick is Rebel by MAC

So as you can see I went with a black pair of sneakers yesterday. No one guessed right! They were the most comfortable and I had this exact style in blue suede in high school. They are one of their older styles and the one most associated with the brand.

Camera Roll-1782

I have to say I feel a little Sporty Spice. Not in a good way. Hillary = not sporty. They gave me a free backpack and last night I met up with Dave and we were walking home and he kept looking at me. Then he realized between the backpack, sneakers and french braid he said I didn't look like myself. I just need to work on ways to make them more ME.

How is your week shaping up?
I am ready for this weekend. Saturday we are going to a Mike Doughty concert with Dave's sister. Sunday we are supposed to get a hurricane. An earthquake yesterday and a hurricane in the same week? Am I in the twilight zone? This stuff DOES NOT happen in New England often. A tornado earlier this year too. Dude who ever is pissing off the gods KNOCK IT OFF. Don't make me sic Waffle on you. She has a punching fist.

She is ferocious.



Cassykins said...

The shoes you got are a good choice, too. I didn't really like the other black ones, they were too aerodynamic looking or something, lol.

Hope the icky weather holds off until Sunday, I heard we might get pre-hurricane weather on Saturday, though. Saturday is Matt's birthday and even though we're doing dinner Friday, I wanted to give him his presents Saturday night.

brittneynikkole said...

I really like the floral with the black. It's edgy and sweet at the same time. I usually find it pretty hard to find that balance.

Megan Mae said...

Love that jacket! It's a great piece for a pop of color and pattern. Congrats on the new shoes. None of us guessed right! Oh well, I think they're cool and retro looking.

Sometimes you just gotta let yourself put a spin on stuff. Maybe you don't define yourself as sporty, but there can be a side of Hillary that is a little bit.

My week is so very slow. Hope you're staying safe out there!

hillary said...

ha the only sports I ever did like were dangerous. Hockey and skiing. I did both well when I was younger. Chasing people with sticks with something strapped to your feet? Awesome!

barrelling down a hill with something strapped to your feet? also awesome.

I haven't skiied in 18 years? Sometime in highschool was the last time.

Lonestarcasie said...

You are braid-tastic this week. My sister just moved to New Hampshire a couple of weeks ago from Texas. I hope she isn't what is making the East Coast angry. Waffle looks like she would be good to have around in a bar fight :).

Cara said...

The print on that jacket is amazing! I love it! And I love the sporty spice reference. I tried watching Spice World on Netflix the other day, but it didn't work. Probably for the best!

Michelle said...

i have that same little jacket! every time i clean my closet out i almost pitch it and then end up keeping it. i love how you styled it!