Saturday, August 13, 2011


A weekend outfit post? Le shock I know.

While I was getting ready Dave peeked around the corner and I noticed he matched me I had to take a picture.

Nerd. Had to match me.

I figured why not take an actual outfit photo too.

Trying to amuse my photographer.

Dress and shoes Target
Purse JCrew
Necklace was Katie's my step gram

Camera Roll-1745

Camera Roll-1746

I tried to do a hair tutorial I'd seen on YouTube and it turned out terribly but I wasn't giving up so I invented my own style. This was the end of the day. It had kind of wilted.

How I got rid of my 2 hour nightmare hiccup ordeal

Last night I had the hiccups. I couldn't shake them. I didn't have a straw handy so I couldn't shake them for almost 2 hours. When I finally got a straw I got rid of them on the first try. Plug your ears and nose and drink as much as you can! Bam! Gone! I can't tell you how many strangers giggled and said how sorry they were. It was funny but uncomfortable and downright painful towards the end!


Megan Mae said...

Your new glasses are sooo adorable on you.

What a creative way to get rid of your hiccups! My husband always gets them really bad, and ends up suffering for awhile. Until he gets so embarrassed by me laughing at him, then stops. I get rid of mine by burping. Sound gross, but it's always worked for me.

Lisa said...

Cute dress. I've never heard of getting rid of hiccups that way but I'll try it next time. Eating a banana always works for me. I don't know why, but I swear it works.

hillary said...

It's an old wives tale and our family favorite. Supposibly it doesn't matter the action it's the act of thinking hard ad concentrating on something that makes them go away.

cwhf said...

Love this look, it's like an updated 90s look with the dark floral dress. Purse is a great pairing.

I always smile when I see Dave in this hat. I bought it at target for my DH but kept it for myself, it's really cute.

hillary said...

It is very similar to how I dressed in hughschool in the 90s :) Dave also has this hat in 3 colors!

Between Laundry Days said...

There is just something so adorable about each of these pictures. This post totally made me smile. :)

Heather said...

Good to know about the hiccup solution. I hold my breath and swallow three times but it only works if I catch them after the first hiccup. I'll definitely try this next time - I get hiccups a lot for some reason.

Lonestarcasie said...

You can also swallow a spoon of sugar. I don't know why that works either, but it does!

hillary said...

Sugar didn't and in general Doesnt work for me. Neither did drinking from wrong side cup, hOlding breath, holding breath while drinking, guzzling water, being scared, burping or thinking them away. This is the only thing that ever works for me. Works first time too.

Lonestarcasie said...

How do you drink from the other side of the cup? I always hear that, but I don't understand it. Doesn't the drink dump on you? I feel like a dork, but I guess if you don't know, you have to ask? :)

hillary said...

it isn't easy. It usually goes up your face and nose.