Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Lets just get the goofy part out of the way. I tried something today JUST FOR YOU. Smiling with teef. I hate it. Really I do. I just look silly. Perodically I try again, every time I dislike it.

I tried it a few ways. One being the way I usually do in person. Front teeth touching.

Camera Roll-1636

Then I did the top teeth.

Camera Roll-1637

Honestly just because I wanted to show you how nicely the lipstick whitens your teeth. I feel I just look unlike me smiling with teeth. I have lovely straight teeth. I just look off to me when I smile like that. That and I don't like all the creases it makes in my face. SHUT UP. I know, I know. Vanity thy name is Hillary. Age gracefully and all that bullshit. NO. Let me Mona Lisa smile in peace. *shakes fist at nothing in particular*

Camera Roll-1652

See less lines! More me! yeah! Next time someone says something about it. I can see SEE I TRIED IT.

I will say that normally I feel like in pictures my makeup fades away and doesn't look as vibrant as in person. Today I feel like the opposite happened. The more subtle colors at 7am in full light is a bit.... harsh.

Dave and I tried taking outfit photos for the first time at our new place. (mom did the last ones) He did NOT like how they were coming out. I didn't mind them honestly. It was 6:45 in the morning of course it was kinda dark.

Camera Roll-1604

I even started dancing.

Camera Roll-1622

Camera Roll-1660Camera Roll-1656
Camera Roll-1655

Jacket Loft
Pants Gap
Shoes Tory Birch
Shirt Banana Republic
Tank Old Navy
Necklace Forever 21 It was $1.50!
Bangles Gift
Ring H&M

Camera Roll-1620


Lisa said...

I think your smile either way is very nice, but I understand having a personal preference, although I'm the opposite. I think my cheeks look funny when I smile without teeth. Anyhow, I like your lipstick and cupcake necklace a lot.

Cassykins said...

You smile kind of like me when you smile with teeth (which is to say a little like you have an evil plan and you're sadistically smiling through it, lol) Some of us just don't fit into the smiling with teeth world. I think it's better for small children, anyway. Adults tend to look evil or goofy.

Cara said...

I think the second smile is lovely! (And not in a "llllawwwvlee" way, but actually in a genuine way). And the pink and gold bracelets? I may need to remember that combo!

hillary said...

@Lisa Thanks!

@cassy that's because I usually am up to something. No
Seriously that's totally it i look slightly evil

@cara I think it's fine in motion. Captured static does me no justice. Te bracelets are from Canada! My friend emily sent them.

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

I don't ever want to smile on camera either, I feel disingenuous but you smile pretty!
Love the cupcake necklace,

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
August giveaway

D'Rae said...

I think the second smile looks beautiful! (not that you aren't normally, but you know what I mean..) But I totally understand how you feel. I only pose the one way because I think that pose makes me look the best. (vanity,!)

Your outfit is really cute and so is your hair! Just lovely!

Megan Mae said...

Awww I think you look really pretty when you smile with teeth. But I totally know what you mean and often don't even "MonaLisaSmile". I don't smile a ton in real life, I have what's affectionately known as 'bitch-face', and my glasses don't help.

I love your jacket, it's so cute! And your hair is really pretty with all the layering in it.

Lonestarcasie said...

You look lovely (particularly for someone who's eyes are open that early in the morning- but very lovely even for later in the day). I want to die when I am up that early in the morning. I don't look good in facing forward photos. I always try to swing a candid,profile, sort of "ooo, look at me so breezy and laughing" photo.

Kasmira said...

The second smile looks more natural. But I feel your pain on the creases that accompany a grin. I have the wrinkliest face ever. It's great on stage (conveys emotion well), but just kind of looks like a wrinkled rubber mask when I'm caught mid-expression in photos.

A flash works wonders for blasting the wrinkles away! Otherwise, I tend to either wear sunglasses or stick with the closed-lip smile.

mamichan said...

I love what you're wearing. All of it. Especially how the top complements the blazer. I'd so wear this!