Monday, August 29, 2011


Camera Roll-1749

Why the cheesy effect? Because it reminded me of my Meme in her outfit photos. (Not really but it looks like it doesn't it?)

This photo about 90 years old. Don't you think if I put on some stocking and traded out a long sleeve shirt, I could of been sitting next to her in this getup? Those boots are pretty badass. I don't know how to say badass in French for her to understand. (She passed away when I was 4, she would of been 111 if she was still alive today)

meme (Azelda)

If you know my gram you are going OMG THAT'S GRAM. It isn't I swear. It is her mother. I think this was before she had the 15 children. She doesn't look tired.

My vest and skirt are striped and my shirt is pink gingham.

Camera Roll-1746

Vest h&m, Skirt and Shirt Target, Shoes Clarks,

I usually take my glasses off for photos if I think of it but today I am wearing contacts!

Camera Roll-1797

(I didn't alter my eyes, the filter just made them crazy bright) I can't see as well in contacts and they are weighted so they annoy the crap out of me, but vanity speaks louder than discomfort some days.

I don't think meme would of worn this though.

Camera Roll-1738

See my lovely new burn? I burned myself on the iron while I was cooking.  (No you didn't read that wrong.) I had just ironed the skirt for our bed and the iron was on the counter next to the stove. I went to stir something on the stove and szzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz went my wrist on the iron. doh. It can match my burn scars on my right hand from when I put my hand on a gas grill when I was little. I still vividly remember doing it, I don't remember going to the hospital or the bandage up to my elbow, or me picking at it constantly(so I hear) I just remember sweeping, calling someone up the driveway and gesturing and putting it down on the grill. I  have just tiny small scars. I was very lucky.

P.S I pushed up my glasses that aren't there at least 14 times today already. I've worn them off and on for 18 years but they still give me troubles.

We were lucky yesterday and only got high winds and some rain. The hurricane disipated before it got to us. I've mentioned it before but my connection to hurricanes is they are the reason my family moved to Florida. It was to rebuild after Hurricane Andrew. We bought destroyed houses.

This was the one that we ended up living in. I thought my parents were crazy. We drove up and they said "this is your new house"


The after


I hope every one is OK and damage was minimal from Irene. Hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes all in one year here there has to be some crazy statistic that there was a 1 in a million shot of that happening.

How was your weekend?


Cassykins said...

You do look like you could almost fit into that photo!

Unfortunately a rather sucky weekend. We lost power about 36 hours ago and are being told it might be out for another week. Totally not enjoying this...

grace said...

What a great post this is!

I am the same way with glasses--been wearing them for more than a decade, and still they never sit where they should and I push them up 100 times a day.

You have really beautiful eyes.

Marianne said...

I've been trying to find out what "badass" is in French, but I usually just use the English word or "kickass"... !!

I don't remember (but you've probably talked about it before!), but is your Meme from Quebec or from France? I know a LOT of Quebeckers went to Massachussets and New Hampshire to look for jobs at some point...

hillary said...

St .Isadore Quebec! Yeah their whole town in NH is full of them! She passed away in 82 but I know she came before 1929 because gram was US born. We still have cousins up there too. Nuns too I think.

Lonestarcasie said...

Well, I know queue is the word for ass. I know this because the french husband taught me it was the word for butt and one day in France I said my butt is wet in French after a canoe ride with family friends. Everyone laughed because I had actually said my ass is wet in mixed company. Bah- French husband.

Lisa said...

I like the black and white outfit pic. I also love the picture of your great grandmother, those are some awesome boots. Apparently style is in your genes.

LR @ Magnificent or Egregious? said...

I'm with you about glasses/contacts. I've worn glasses for 20 years and I still have to push them up during the day...however I am trying a new type of contacts (Air Optiks) which are supposed to be more breathable, especially when you are staring at a computer all day. Normally my eyes get dried out from contacts. Hopefully this new pair works better!

hillary said...

Lr do you have an astigmatism? I wear astigmatism contacts and id love to find a new kind.

LR @ Magnificent or Egregious? said...

Yes I do - so I have high hopes for the Air Optix! (finally spelled it right)

My husband wears the Air Optix Night and Day lenses and he loves them, it's a good brand. He used to have problems with his lenses too.