Tuesday, August 23, 2011

8.23.11 guess the shoes

8.23.11 with sweater
8.23.11 white cocktail ring
8.23.11 key necklace
8.23.11 alex and ani bangles
8.23.11 makeup detail and earrings

Let me just say I LOVE making these collages. It is just like the ones you make when you are little but you can find what you want and there is no glue to peel off your fingers.

The only elements that are the same are all the makeup and hair product (which I can review if anyone is interested) and that is my actual hair in the pic. I have a sample of the MAC prep and prime above. I will let you know what I think. The girl gave me the pink and the neutral.

My shirt Loft, Pants Gap, Shoes Target exact copies of the shoes above, Bracelets Alex and Ani gift from Lucky Magazine, Evil eye Bracelet from Bill and Bob's, Ring Gift, Polka dot earrings Craft fair, Sweater Target, Cami Forever 21, Necklace Tiffany and co.

I haven't french braided my hair like this in years. I thought it was tooo well not something I liked anymore. Then Big Love came around and it because FLDS hair forever to me. But today I was tired  of the same thing I always do with wet hair and buns hurt. So I tried it. Not sure what I am thinking on it. I do all kinds of braids around my head but the all the way down french braid just seems less chic to me. ON ME that is.

So today in the way to work my shoe broke. I limped and shuffled in and tried to fix them. So did my coworker. No dice. They are inexpensive Target ones I knew I was going to have to pitch after this summer. Well that left me without much options. Dave came up with the idea of me getting a pair of sneakers from Puma on my lunch break. I have been looking and talking about getting a pair for months. I don't do anything other than Chucks. I am not a sneakers person. But I did own a pair of Puma Speedcats in the past 10 years and I loved those. He loved those on me and thought I might get a similar pair. (aside my mom loved them so much when she visited once she STOLE THEM and I got them in the mail a month later with orange soles from her dyed concrete floors!)

I made this collage this morning before I went with a few options I thought might be cute. Do you know what pair I went with? (there are 4 different styles up there)


rlutz said...

Love your mix of argyle and polkadotts! I am thinking you got the red pumas...what did you go with?

hillary said...

there are 4 types of pumas up there. Which ones in particular did ya guess?

Lonestarcasie said...

I think you got the red pumas that are not the red shoes that look the same as the black shoes. Does that make any sense at all?


Cassykins said...

I like the top right red ones best. And sometimes I like to pretend we have similar tastes, so I'll guess those.

EvaNadine said...

im guessing the red ones on the right -- with the 2 different fabrics.

Megan Mae said...

I'm going with the bottom left shoes. But that's just what I'd probably go with. I don't tend to like thicker soles on sneakers. Sorry to hear your shoes broke!

Kasmira said...

Your braid is so long! I think it looks lovely.

Cara said...

Oooh! That must have sucked! I'm always afraid something will happen to my shoes on the way to or from work!
And I think the red ones on the right...

Anonymous said...

I really think your hair looks nice, but I know what you mean about French braids. When I was younger, all I wanted was hair long enough to braid. Then, after years in food service jobs and being forced to wear it that way in my late teens and early 20's, it totally fell out of favor for me. Only recently have I been trying it again.