Sunday, August 21, 2011




This is what I wore to work on Thursday. It was hot and rainy. Lots of cotton and cute shoes. Nothing over the top wow but comfy for the extreme heat. I love the drape neck shirt. I got it about a month ago at Target. They still have it and it comes in other colors. The low neck and sheer nature require another layer though. I did a cami that matched the lighter blue in the stripe.

Actual shirt, makeup, bracelet, hoodie (almost, from same place but mine has a zipper)

My shoes are Marc by Marc Jacobs
Skirt and Bracelet Target
Glasses Ray Ban
Earrings Gift from In laws from Kaya in Newburyport

I mentioned yesterday I wouldn't be able to make these with most my wardrobe and today was an example of that but I did find very similar items. I tried to find affordable versions too.


I did a soft brown smokey eye and eye wing and sheer hot pink lip. When ever it is hot I have a hard time with makeup. I don't know what to do. I've never been to work without makeup in me entire working life and I doubt I will. That is what my gram was like and so is my mom. I just feel uncomfortable/naked/ inappropriate without SOMETHING on. Gram went with a full face of makeup to her cancer treatments.

Edited to add.
Picnik has these neat "celestial" filters right now. You can add all kinds of fun space filters on your photos.


As some one who signed her name with a star for 20 years I squeed a little.
Do you wear makeup to work?


Jac said...

Here is my thing with makeup; I get lazy. I teach high school and probably wear makeup every day the first quarter. Now, makeup for me is tinted mousterizer, mascara, cover up, powder, and blush. Oh- and lip balm. :-) On a big work day (parent night, observation, etc), I will use a bit of eye liner and/or a touch of eye shadow. But wearing that much may only last until Thanksgiving, then it is sporatically applied a couple times a week. However, as I age, I am becoming more consistant with the make up, at least professionally. It does make me feel a bit more confience but I don't wear so much that I feel like it is a mask of who I am, adult acne and all!

hillary said...

Thats it with me I feel no confidence without it because of all the things people point out when I don't have any on. Acne, bags under my eyes, very dark cycles, rosacia. Blarg. I'm definitely keying back on the amount.
Tinted moisturizer, blush, mascara, eyeshadow and lipgloss oh and concealer

Megan Mae said...

My mom (mascara) and grandmother (lipstick) were not big make up wearers, but they were both very adamant about the one piece of make up they wore. I guess I picked up on their habits because the only make up I wear on a regular basis is chapstick and eye liner.

Jessie said...

What color is your toe polish? Very cute :)

hillary said...

Mermaid tears by OPI but China Glaze "for audreY" is a direct match. I have it on one toe and you can't even tell.

Lisa said...

I usually wear make-up to work, but rarely on weekends if I'm not going somewhere important. Even for the work week I keep it pretty simple - powder, blush, shadow and liner. Sometimes I wear gloss or lipstick. I only wear mascara (which I despise) on the first day of school and on parent nights.

Jessie said...

Almost Audrey has been purchased and is currently on my nails :) thanks!