Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Camera Roll-1731

Posing is posing a problem lately. I don't know what the frack to do with my arms. EVERYTHING feels contrived. Dude these are (not) real issues!

I bumped up the contrast to crazy pants level to try and show some of the dress details. Goodbye freckles! (I love my freckles just as an FYI but doing this makes it look like I have about 23,756 less than I do.)

Camera Roll-1728

Camera Roll-1718

Check out that cheek highlight. I knew eventually I'd get it right. Only took me two years and 5 kinds. No better makeup detail unfor. My makeup was FANTASTIC. Then on the bus this lady with the WORST perfume ever sat next to me. I spent the entire time wiping my weeping eye from my allergies from it. I took the pics before work, uploaded and noticed that one perfectly winged eye was all smeared! FOR SHAME.

Camera Roll-1719

I put my hair in a pony tail and just put hot rollers in the pony tail part.

Click any item in the image to visit the retailer of that particular item! These are all the actual items I have on. Except the earrings which are just similar.

If you buy anything from any of the links I could get a kickback. This is something I am trying out and see if it works. It is a great way to do the linking I already do out to retailers of the items I have on.

Yesterday my outfit was very simple. It was pouring and cool out.

Camera Roll-1814
Camera Roll-1815

The jacket was green and shirt green

Jacket H&M
Top Target
Jeans 7 for All Mankind
Shoes Clarks

Camera Roll-1802

My mom made the bracelet when she was in highschool. She took silversmithing!

Camera Roll-1803

Dave made my ring from a kit I got while we were in Canada. It was way too fussy for me. He is great with fussy stuff. (his is way more patient than I am) I have long term patience but in terms of instant gratification he is way better at managing that.

Camera Roll-1797

Don't you love the highschool picture off camera stare?
I made these earrings though. (I might be lying. He might of made these. Dave can you confirm that?)

The shoes, blazer and shirt are similar but the rest is actual items I wore. These are kind of fun to make. I am not sure how I am going to do it with 90% of my stuff that is a few years old but we shall see!

How are you all doing? We are past the halfway point in the week!


Lisa said...

I hate super strong perfume on other people. My eyes are really prone to being watery (during allergy season people are constantly asking me if I'm crying) and that totally would've gotten to me too. I get worried all the time that I sprayed on too much perfume. That aside, I love dress, glasses, and purse in the first outfit (so to sum it up, I love it all).

I also really like those jeans. I'm on the search for a new pair, and that pair looks awesome on you. Exactly the style and fit I'm looking for!

cwhf said...

I am loving these glasses. Great look. I hate folks who bathe in perfume too.

hillary said...

I edited this post on too many computers. Will fix later. Sorry guys.

Cassykins said...

I totally want that dress. So cute. The bracelet your mom made is amazing, too. I'm with you, though, making stuff is just too much work. I want things immediately (I have made a few pairs of earrings, that's about it)

hillary said...

I knit, crochet, sew, make jewelry, make messes but I whine the whole way though about being done.

Lonestarcasie said...

This is why the inside of the clothes I sew (when I manage to sew...ha ha) look like they have been mangled by a feral cat. I do not have the patience for tiny details. I want to wear my dress darn it! P.S. I am consistently amazed by the greenosity of your eyes. So pretty.

Cara said...

I love the detail shots!
I'm impatient, too, with fussy things. The worst part is that I refuse to buy things that I can make, but are often too finicky for me to actually sit down and put together!

hillary said...

Casie. They aren't potatshopped either! But honestly? I want brown ones. Dark brown.

Megan Mae said...

That first dress is really cute. I love the bracelet your mom made! I'm usually patient in the beginning of project, but about halfway through when I snap out of the creating-right-brain-mode I realize how long it's taking and feel like "goddammit I'll just finish it!"

Also like Casie, my homesewn projects often look like feral cats decided to chew on them, cough them up and then naw on them some more.