Friday, August 12, 2011


Camera Roll-1694

Shirt H&M
Hoodie cape Forever 21
Sandals Target
Bag JCrew
Ring Marc by MarcJacobs
Earrings Craft Fair
Bracelet Target
Pants Gap
Glasses Ray-Ban
Necklace Tiffany's

Camera Roll-1680

Hair, earrings and makeup detail.

Camera Roll-1664

Camera Roll-1648
Camera Roll-1647
Camera Roll-1646

I am liking my glasses today. They are still way too damn tight though.

Any plans for this weekend?

I'd like to finish setting up the apartment finally. Oh and charge my damn camera. I don't know why I have such a problem doing that.


Lisa said...

I love this outfit, that cape is so awesome, as is the purse.

Good luck with your apartment set-up. This weekend my parents are coming to visit to meet our new puppy. I'm pretty sure they already think of him as their grandchild and are bringing a whole bunch of toys.

D'Rae said...

Still really loving those glasses!

As far as weekend plans, I have a hair appointment tomorrow at 12:45. other than that, nothing much going on. Hmm... maybe I can talk hubs into going on a hike?

dotty said...

tight glasses are no good. they're even worse than tight shoes!

in other news, your hoodie cape contraption is's the perfect combination of superhero and comfy.

laniza said...

Love the bag! We'll probably head out of Mass this weekend as I have to go to staff workshops all day next week. Good luck unpacking!

meegiemoo said...

love the glasses. Definite keepers!

cwhf said...

Great outfit, love the purse---is it the Edie purse? If so let me know if you like it; I've been eyeing it myself.

hillary said...

Yes it's Edie. It's freaking amazing. It's on the small size but it's good because I tend to overfilled stuff.

cwhf said...

I like a smaller bag too, as I have the same tendency. Thanks for the review!